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  1. Murray has the same chance to win as McCracken County has to win the 1st District 6A.
  2. They could possibly use McCracken county's field its turf. McCracken has a bye week.
  3. It's almost unbelievable how bad McCracken County is this year.
  4. I agree on the Middle School football program trying to have one team from 3 schools seems complicated.
  5. Evidently numbers don't matter at times as Daviess County appeared to have less than 25 players this past Friday night against McCracken County.
  6. Other than losing all but one game, who's talking and what are the issues?
  7. Sad to say but McCracken County looks to finish 4th in the District and win no more than 2 games. Before the season started I really thought they would be 7-3 or 8-2.
  8. McCracken is due to have a good game at some point, hopefully it is tonight, if so that would shake up the playoffs.
  9. Again McCracken offensively played well enough o win but turnovers killed them. Statistics don't tell the score in this one as McCracken had lots of yards.
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