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  1. I think they are that good, earlier I thought they might not be but proved me wrong time and again.
  2. Well I wasn't there but McCracken hasn't kicked many if any field goals this year cost them the game or so it seems.
  3. McCracken County had a big kickoff return and 2-3 big passes for 50-60 yards none of which produced any points. Also had a wide open dropped pass at the goal line. Finally scored after I left to beat the crowd which was the biggest of the year I thought as they honored the Senior Football players as well as crown the Homecoming Queen and King. The Band and a large chorus performed before and after the game. All the youth football program was in attendance and ran out with the Varsity at the start of the game. That always brings out the families and grandma and grandpa. Henderson got a little chippy at the end with couple onside kicks with a running clock then took the knee to run out the clock. I was expecting a complete beatdown and score similar to what they did to Daviess County, doubt they felt sorry for us as the series is something like 7 0f 11 McCracken Mustangs.
  4. When a running back is averaging 10 yards are better give him the ball and control the game. Control your emotions, avoid the dumb penalties. You just might win the State Championship. Don't think beating McCracken County is the most important game of the year.
  5. They have played better, and the South Warren game was closer than the score.
  6. Home Coming and all that entails. Henderson most likely will win but they will be getting Home late.
  7. Wasn't this game close early on? Henderson may score a 100 against McCracken.
  8. My observation was how long Union County had possession of the football, not allowing PT more snaps. Union County also made some incredible catches on pass plays with lots of traffic around the catch to keep drives going. Tough loss for the Tornado.
  9. Sad thing about Paducah Tilghman is the overall fan support, other than the game with McCracken which is usually a packed house at both venues and the Mayfield game which doesn't draw in Paducah like it once did very few fans when they play anyone else.
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