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  1. Usually no one but Henderson or one of the Owensboro schools have won a game from them but not often.
  2. I think Paducah Tilghman won in 2 different classes.
  3. Evidently it was McCracken County's day, they survived the the first knockdown, and Ben Higdon Grand Slam opened the flood gate in a 10 run inning. Danville didn't see that coming for sure.
  4. Unreal amount of hits for both teams, McCracken came back one more time.
  5. Never in the history of Kentucky High School Baseball has a team reach the final 4 teams 5 years in a row. It's been 61 years since anyone from the 1st region has won the State Title.
  6. Mustangs never gave up, that 3 run homer in the first inning would kill any chance for most teams, I even thought in that moment the season was over against a team of Bowling Green's caliber. Unreal
  7. 2nd District rematch in Regional Championship St. Mary vs McCracken County @ 6:00 tonight if it doesn't rain it out.
  8. McCracken vs Marshall today at 2:00, followed by St. Mary vs Calloway.
  9. They play as hard or harder than a lot of teams winning never comes easy for them it seems they will 6-7 games this year. 8-2 would be a stretch.
  10. 3 or 4 wins at best, someday they may really get serious about football.
  11. I'd say they will be 8-2. 9-1 or undefeated is a lofty goal.
  12. Probably a season where they win 7-8 games. 9-1 or undefeated would be a stretch. One of these days they will finally get more than 4-5 very good athletes and make some noise.
  13. McCracken wins on the road against a very good Lyon county team 2 to 1. Play Calloway County Monday at Calloway.
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