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  1. There is a shot some players return, but from what I am hearing it is just a handful. However, I am hearing some very important names in the handful, who COULD be back. Again this is just what I am hearing, which could mean nothing. Graves will be very skilled this year, as almost every skilled position is coming back. Of course our highly underrated QB Brown was a senior. For selfish reasons, I hope he comes back! Maybe he would finally get the respect he deserves from local media, but that of course is a family decision. Graves is losing some other key players like Richards and the O-Line, but I think they have confidence in guys coming up. The upcoming Freshman and Sophomore classes I have heard are very talented and can fill some holes this year.
  2. If one does they all have to. If a kid wants to stay back, but can’t, he can easily transfer and repeat the same grade. Sure he must set out a year, but he would still get 4 years of playing, but basically a redshirt year when he transfers.
  3. The school districts can make this as easy on the kids or as hard on the kids as they want to, from my understanding of the law. It’s going to be eye opening which schools actually care about their sports programs and which ones don’t. I know little to nothing about the education side of school. I won’t pretend I know the strengths and weaknesses of it from that side, but speaking purely from the athletic stand point. If other schools are allowing kids to take college classes, online classes, etc. to get them enrolled where it benefits them individually and also gets them on the field or court and your district is unwilling to do the same, then they really don’t care about your sports programs winning.
  4. I have watched Region 1 basketball since early 90s. I have watched almost every regional tournament since. That was the most impressive performance by a Region 1 player I have ever seen.
  5. Accurate. We have one of the best defenders in the region in Marcus Isaiah. Isaiah did as good as anyone possibly could the first half and he still scored 24 points. Almost every single shot was contested. He only missed 4 shots all night. One was almost at mid court. Third quarter we doubled him every time he touched it. He still got 23 in second half. Marshall wins region if he can repeat that two more times. I don’t know if it’s doable. As far as refs, he got some calls, but definitely weren’t protecting him.
  6. That was the most impressive game I have witnessed from Zion. We double teamed him, denied him, slapped him in the face, and he still hit every shot. Was on a whole different level last night. Will be a great matchup against McCracken.
  7. No idea the situation, but IMO that is a conflict. I know of several refs that won’t ref their old school. Not because they would cheat, but simply because of the way it looks.
  8. A ton of money has been poured into this program, not so much by the school, the last couple of years and the expectation is a state championship or bust. I'm with you 100% and it is an unfair expectation for this coach, but thats where PT base is at right now.
  9. The last 3-4 years Mayfield isn’t taking the talent from Graves like they use to. I think that is why you are seeing Graves able to compete with teams like Owensboro and Mayfield losing to Murray second round which would have been unheard of 10 years ago. This is not to discredit a good Murray team. Back to the topic, Owensboro and Graves game. It being at Graves helps a lot. But Owensboro is probably still a 2 td favorite team. Especially with Graves losing their QB and Owensboro returning probably the best QB in the state again. I just don’t believe it will be a blow out. Graves should have a stretch over the next 3-4 years they should be able to compete with Owensboro. I still think this year as long as Wimsatt is at QB they’re the clear favorite.
  10. I knew we would be able to score and we scored the same amount as last time. The devils helped us out keeping them off the board for almost the whole first half. Special teams cost the Eagles again. A punt blocked inside our own redzone with minutes in the first half lead to Owensboro first td. Then they took their opening kickoff of the second half back. Great effort by the Eagles. They return a lot but lose a lot next season. Hats off to Owensboro. They’ll be tough to beat down the stretch.
  11. Graves will score. The offense has produced all season. Owensboro is clearly the best team the Eagles have played, but they showed last time they can definitely move the ball. They also were able to contain Owensboro offense pretty well last game by Owensboro standards which are different than most teams. Eagles are going to have to force turnovers and not spot Owensboro points. They gifted them their first by not recovering a deep kickoff, allowed them to take a kickoff back, and then they fumbled and Owensboro scooped and scored. Owensboro has the athletes but like state above Graves could possibly grind this game out as they are very good in the trenches. Hard to load the box since Graves has some tall fast receivers on the outside in Richards and Grant. I expect a closer game than last year, but Owensboro is the favorite.
  12. Not going to lie, this made me laugh. I don't think Caldwell loses though. I also think Caldwell matches up better than Murray does against Mayfield. Mayfield definitely the favorite but all three could make a decent run this year.
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