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  1. I was inspired by the concession stand thread to start this. I always love to eat at the city where we play at, but the problem is I never know what’s open and what is close by. So if my school is coming to play against your team. What’s the best restaurant to go to on Friday night. I’ll start Graves County/Mayfield has two legit BBQ places. A&B BBQ is right near both stadiums, but you better get there a little early or call ahead because they will sell out. It is in my opinion the best bbq around and some nights they’ll have ribeyes that are incredible. If you pr
  2. I really think McKee takes off. The second half of the schedule due to district games is very soft, this of course doesn't count Owensboro. He has the opportunity to rack up a ton in the other 5 games.
  3. Grayson comes into the game 2-2. Wins over Edmonson and McLean counties. They had a covid forfeit week 2 and then lost last week to Butler in a close one with the final being 18-22. Graves comes into the game 3-1. They have won 3 straight over Paducah, McCracken, and then in a nail biter against Bullit East when they missed a FG for the win. The only loss comes back in week 1 against Mayfield. I know little about Grayson, but Graves has an explosive offense. They are averaging over 400 yards a game. They are lead by one of the best rbs in the state in Clint Mc
  4. 20 point game is about what I expected. McCracken has played a very very tough schedule. I still feel they can recover and put up a respectable season.
  5. He’s the transfer I mentioned about. Tonight was his coming out party. We got three guys who are just very good athletes. Grant didn’t have his best game offensively but the two other big athletes did. However, in the defensive side of the ball Grant played incredible. Team player! Can’t do what you usually do then make it up somewhere else. The pick 6 might’ve been the difference.
  6. What. A. Game. Bullet East came to play. They are IMO as good as anyone that we have played. Great atmosphere!
  7. Never seen this game this quiet. Very telling of what is suppose to happen tonight and how big of an upset it would be if that didn’t happen.
  8. Graves had some underclassmen like our qb, one of our better sr linemen, and then we had a very good transfer who played bball reclassify that is one of our more explosive players.
  9. That is accurate. For some reason I was thinking it was 21-14 when we couldn't punch it in, and then they scored again. But you are correct. Owensboro also scooped and score on a fumble at about midfield that game. You have to believe Graves goes for two there if they score to try and pull off the upset.
  10. I have been a member for 2 years now. To my knowledge I’m all we got 😂
  11. We have a history of upsetting very good teams in both football and basketball. We are usually a very disciplined team, hard nose players, that end up running into better athletes. This year we have those better athletes. We’ve been In Owensboro’s shadow for awhile, but played them in a respectable 28-14 loss last year in District Championship. We had it in redzone down 7 with about 5 minutes to go and couldn’t punch it in. We lost 4/5 of lineman but kept basically every athlete besides qb. Losing that much on offense we were kinda written off. Our offense however has gone off over
  12. I imagine we will have it packed. That’s not terrible. I have seen way worse!
  13. Our fan base and parents generally travel pretty well. Will there be enough seating or should we be prepared to be standing and might we want to bring lawn chairs?
  14. Hard for me to make a call on this one as I know next to nothing about Bullit East, but the long trip concerns me. Big game for RPI for Eagles.
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