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  1. This is accurate. The 2nd pick looked like he didn’t see the Graves defender, but it wasn’t really even a bad throw. Just trying to get the ball downfield. Kid doesn’t scream D1 by his athleticism, however he is more athletic than anyone else on the field, but he simply throws the ball perfect on pretty much every single throw. He is special! Because of that I believe he will pick apart the Grayson defense.
  2. Graves surprisingly had more yards from the stats I saw. 3 plays stick out to me in this game. The opening kickoff. Graves player could not pick up the ball on about the 25. Owensboro gets it and puts it in the endzone 7 points. Opening half kickoff Owensboro took back was another 7. Then the backup Rb fumbling and Owensboro scoops and score. That’s 21 points you gave them without Wimsatt behind center. Not many teams going to win that game against Owensboro. excluding 1 half this Graves team has been solid all season. McKee, Brown, and the two big receivers get a lot of attention, as they should, but Graves has deepened a lot on some sophomores in key positions. To me that’s encouraging for this district matchup we will see over the next few years. Owensboro definitely the more athletic team, but I’m excited about playing them again.
  3. Thought the Eagles kept it a ballgame. Like I said earlier, but was dismissed by someone else, offense is playing much better. Special teams was the difference. Spotted them 7 to start the game and then 7 more to start the half. Hard to beat a good team when you do that. I expect a rematch in November.
  4. Graves has improved significantly in the last few weeks. I’m not saying we will win, but I don’t expect a running clock. Graves QB has been playing on another level the last few weeks. I expect a 42-28 type game.
  5. I can not confirm, but I have always speculated it was because of the gap. Like you pointed out, none of the schools before they consolidated had football. So it was a brand new world for most of those kids and their parents.
  6. First game was 93. Graves won. They won another in 99 Then they won 3 out of 5 years from 04-08 Up until that point the series was 5 to 11. Honestly not terrible considering its Mayfield and Graves was new to Football. But the run Mayfield has been on the past decade has really separated the gap. As I am sure it had with most teams they have played. (Sorry Devil you must have posted just before me)
  7. Of course I am going with the Eagles, but I don't think Mayfield is as down as the score indicated last week. 3 TDs fell into the Mustangs hands. I still think McCracken is the better team, but if they played again I'd say they'd win by 2 or 3 TDs instead of 5. I like my Eagles 28-14 in this one to break the streak.
  8. The interim tag was removed. Coach Kemp will be the next head coach at Graves County. It appears everything was just dotting i's and crossing t's. IMO Graves County is in great hands!
  9. It is evident on this thread alone, the there is still some bad blood over that Murray-Beechwood game! Someone find the video! Its hard to imagine a more miraculous/tragic win/loss than Mayfield/Somerset this year, definitely not more miraculous than the Somerset victory, but if Murray lost like that, that might be a worse lost than Mayfields.
  10. Does someone have footage? I have never seen this play, but have always heard about it.
  11. Still can't believe this happened, living in Mayfield you can not go anywhere without someone watching that PI call. Just an absolute amazing game that we will hear about forever. I can easily see Somerset winning again next year with quite a bit of talent coming back. Mayfield will lose ALOT of talent. I would say they'll be down next year, but I have come to realize that they're never down.
  12. I can see what you are saying, Somerset did dominate the trenches on the offensive side of the ball, but they didn't dominate the game. This Mayfield team wasn't like the Mayfield of old. They can lose the trench battle, but "outflank" you all game on the outside. I think the first two drives of the game kind of sums up how each other offense dominated in their own style. Somerset pounded it down the middle (later opened up passes by their outstanding qb) and Mayfield hit a bomb right back at them.
  13. However, watching it live I thought 100% PI. Luxury of watching it multiple times on replay we can see it and decide.
  14. 50/50 call. Took guts to make. You can definitely argue either way.
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