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  1. You are highly underestimating the number of students we are losing. Local news station did a story a few years ago that Graves is losing about 10-15 kids a year. People are just moving off because there is zero industry left on Mayfield/Graves County area. Sadly I only see it getting worse for the people around here.
  2. If there is a school that is geographically isolated its Graves County. Our closest District Game is an hour and 45 minutes away. Our next closest is over 2 hours. Our farthest is 2 hours and 40 minutes. Our enrollment has been steadily dropping and with the impact of the tornado, I could see us sliding to 4A possibly sometime soon. For reference, our farthest 4A District game would be only an hour 45 minutes away.
  3. Mayfield running the wing-t? Yeah that isn't happening. I think Rogers is a good coach, but I could never see that happening. I just don't see that as a good fit for both parties. Pretty crazy that staff Joe has assembled. Dew, Hatchell, Rogers. Basically 4 head coaches on staff.
  4. I am blown away that Hatchell was considered an after thought. Is this because he would not want it? Because his resume is remarkable. When he took over calling offense and changed what Mayfield had been doing for over 100 years basically, it seems things starting clicking and by clicking I mean back to back to back to back to back championships. Of course I am just an older Graves guy and might have a soft spot for our old QB.
  5. That would be hard to turn down. Essentially making 6 figures (retirement plus new salary) to coach football at a powerhouse in TN. I’m sure with his resume many schools would set him up with a pretty good gig between 8-3.
  6. It’s made it’s way to social media in Mayfield/Graves County. Mayfield fans seem to be having some fun with it. So my gut tells me he is staying and it’s all formality and those close to the program know, but probably instructed not to say. This is purely speculation. If this was a real retire they’d be making posts a lot more heartfelt than what they are posting.
  7. Can they though? If he has to retire then don’t they have to (at least pretend) post the job, take in applicants, and then make a hire? I’m not sure just questioning. And if that’s the case then I would think they can’t legally say “he’s retiring, but don’t worry he he will be rehired.”
  8. I’m guessing because the previous year schools were probably hesitant to let anyone go after the covid season. Purely speculation.
  9. Been going non stop guys. I live right outside the city of Mayfield and we had no damage. Some family members lost everything, but we are fortunate enough to have the resources to take care of them and most importantly they weren’t home last Friday night. Pictures and videos don’t do it justice. Wanted to give a shout out to former GC Eagle, current Wisconsin center, Chris Vogt to use his platform there in Wisconsin to raise over 150K. So many similar stories of heroes out here in Mayfield/Graves and surrounding areas. This community is strong. I fully expect the City of Mayfiel
  10. The rumor for the last few years has been, 'This is Morris last year.' I just don't believe it anymore.
  11. Great post. I also think people forget that these 7 schools has no football program. Graves is just now getting to second generation players. For years dads who had never played football attempted to coach the little league programs. There was little to no pride in the football program. That has since changed with your second generation players. The booster is very strong, guys who actually played football are now coaching at the elementary level. Also not many schools are better than Mayfield at football. There’s also a big trend that when kids get cut at basketball at Graves or get
  12. Football falls under both academic and social reasons. You learn as much on the football field as in the classroom both academically and socially. Nothing wrong with just playing football and moving on. However, I do think you should finish out the year, except in certain circumstances, like you have a scholarship offer and can start practicing this spring.
  13. Possibly because a month ago a thread was created talking about the Championship game and Mayfield was basically an after thought.
  14. I have said all year. Don't. Count. Out. Mayfield. I see Beechwood winning this game and could by a couple of tds, but if they look past this game they will get beat in a close one.
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