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Rank the Final 8 NFL teams

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1 - Chargers

2 - Colts

3 - Ravens

4 - Patriots

5 - Saints

6 - Bears

7 - Eagles

8 - Seahawks


I'll take it a step further and rank the teams that I'm pulling for:


1 - Saints...Great team, great city. Most entertaining team to watch in the league.

2 - Colts...Peyton needs a ring to solidify what a great QB he is.

3 - Ravens...Id like to see Ray Lewis get another and Steve McNair get his first.

4 - Chargers...LT is the man

5 - Eagles...Even though I am a TO fan ( I rarely admitt that in public), Id like to see them win one before he can.

6 - Seahawks...Close last year.

7 - Bears...I love them as a team. Urlacher and co. are wonderful. I just cant get behind them with Grossman as their QB, he in no way deserves a ring yet.

8 - Patriots...Im not gonna lie, I've heard how great Tom Brady is enough, I want to see someone else in the spotlight.


I dont know about everyone else, but I am personally pulling for the Saints to win it all. That would make this season a story book ending, I dont see how you could root against those guys this year, what they have done is simply amazing.Aside from the patriots, It wouldnt kill me seeing any of the other teams winning.

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Is this how "good" these teams are?? For instance, I don't think NE and Baltimore are necessarily better than Indy or SD, but I think one of the two is going to win the AFC. As far as talent goes:


1. SD

2. Indy

3. NE

4. Baltimore

5. Chicago

6. NO

7. Eagles

8. Seahawks


NE or Balt. wins AFC, draw a name out of a hat in the NFC, they are all terrible(I'm leaning towards Philly because they seem to be getting hot at the right time). The AFC had AT LEAST 6 teams better than the best in the NFC.

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My rankings will be different than the way I think the playoffs will play out. I pick the Ravens to win because I think defense will win it for them. But consider the Chargers to be the better team. As well as I think Philly will be in the Super Bowl on the NFC side but I rank them 3rd in that conference.


(It would be so fitting that one of the QB's TO ripped and the team TO ripped makes it to the Super Bowl while he is home.)


1. Chargers

2. Ravens

3. Pats

4. Saints

5. Colts

6. Bears

7. Philly

8. Seahawks

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1. Chargers - No explanation needed.

2. Ravens - Great defense plus Steve McNair could equal another Super Bowl.

3. Patriots - Tom Brady, 11-1 career playoff record. They know how to win in January.

4. Colts - Not gonna win anything, but still better than anyone in the NFC.

5. Saints - Not sure if they can overcome Soldier Field, but I think they're a better team.

6. Bears - Great defense and special teams makes them better than the remaining two in spite of Rex Grossman.

7. Seahawks - It doesn't look like they're ever going to find last year's form, but I still think they're a dangerous team in the NFC.

8. Eagles - They seem to thrive on adversity. I wonder if they'd even made the playoffs had McNabb stayed healthy.

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