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  1. To speak to the quality of coach, the Fillies basketball team has won two 10th Region championships. Any guesses who was head coach of both teams? Congrats Coach Whitaker
  2. Commissioner Tackett has said in AD meetings no plans to realign basketball
  3. Everyone needs to realize that this is FIRST DRAFT. Schools have received a survey to voice their views on the placement of their school. It was commented in today's meeting that they expected some changes on the final draft in May after hearing in
  4. A smart assumption might be Ohio Co did not want to head that direction
  5. Schools have indicated they prefer to travel for playoffs but not for regular season. Add in fact there needed to be 8 districts for each class
  6. Do you have a nice group of assistant coaches behind you again?
  7. Making no commentary on this situation. Scrimmaging against alum or males for females runs into violating the number of scrimmages rule. It also voids the KHSAA insurance provided to schools as players are not playing against other hs athletes. That is what was explained to me by KHSAA when I wanted my teams to scrimmage/run drills vs males or alum. Coaching staff is different.
  8. Sitting with Rose Hulman Coach. Drove here 4 hours to see Pulliam and driving back tonight. 8 hours drive time makes me think Would love to have him on their team next year.
  9. Question Fieldhouse faithful dying to know. Randy Parker own another sweatshirt than the Kentucky one he has worn every night of 10th Region Tourney????
  10. Brian was the first member in both. Tom Woofter former PCHS AD is also in both. Congrats Sumo. Very deserving!! Congrats to former PCHS and HCHS AD and KHSAA Board of Control member Gary Dearborn who joins Sumo as a contributor in the 2014 HOF class.
  11. Yes! And it surprised me. They do disagree with the Democratic party on abortion but the combo was a deal breaker. I have said before if I ran for office and had a R behind my name than the D I do, I wouldn't expect their vote. They go in the booth and pull straight ticket level. They both come from families that were involved with "registering" Democrats to vote in 50's and 60's with money wrapped around a half pint of whiskey or so stories I was told go.
  12. If siding against same sex marriage is hate, is saying no to bigomy hate too?
  13. And Title IX started as a lawsuit over girls being excluded from higher level math classes in 60's.
  14. My parents have not voted for a non-Democrat since Eisenhower. I was shocked yesterday when they said they wouldn't vote for Obama in Nov.
  15. Stat from Julian Tackett twitter this week. 1 out of every 27 girls got a sports opportunity in the 70's. 1 out of every 2.3 in 2011.
  16. BF you brought a tear to my eye and I thank you for it!!!
  17. BF you brought a tear to my eye and I thank you for it!!!
  18. I can see a day in the future, nearer than farther, that this is not true. We already see issues where this is unraveling. Wasn't Catholic employers not providing health insurance coverage for contraceptives a huge debate just a few months ago?
  19. Have been reflecting on Alabama Larry most of the day. He was a Christian brother who strengthened me and my faith through his posts even though we had never met. I will miss his posts about his ongoing battles with some radio hosts and their view of Christianity. I will miss his stories of him and Mama. Most of all I will simply miss his love for those seeking Christ whether they knew it or not. His desire to witness to the lost through his posts. I am a better Christian for having read his posts and will miss him dearly. Hard to imagine I feel such a loss for a BGP friend I have never personally met.
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