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  1. Bardstown has alot of young talent and played well. Spencer has demonstrated an issue hanging on to the football, 4 lost fumbles versus north hardin in the scrimmage and 5 lost fumbles versus Bardstown. Geesh!
  2. I do believe you hit on something. I really think the "Hawk Tackling" has been a huge asset to the safety in the game. Yes there has been some changes to how practices are conducted and the type of contact allowed at each practice. The Hawk Tackling has allowed kids to work on it year around with no helmet/pads on and continually improve their technique. I think the changes made to football have helped now we just need to get the communication out and change the narrative that the media has picked up on about the negative aspects of our game.
  3. This is just a quick look at the rosters of the teams as listed on the KHSAA website: Seniors lost off 2017 roster: Collins - 18 Franklin County - 7 North Oldham - 13 Shelby County - 13 Spencer County - 5 Now of course that doesn't mean a lot because you don't know how much each team was dependent on their seniors last season.
  4. Franklin will probably be the preseason pick to win the district.
  5. This one would be huge and would cause some hard feelings in the community!
  6. If his parents physically move and can verify a legitimate change of address, a kid can move as often as he wants and he will be ruled eligible. That is why alot of kids and their families rent so the moves can be made a lot smoother.
  7. Shelby will always be a solid team as long as Coach Shipley is there. They survived the split and his teams are always sound and play with great effort. This district may not have the star power team as years past but I think it has really solid high school teams.
  8. I believe he took a job as an assistant at BE, which is where he teaches.
  9. They had a very small senior class last year, dealt with a few injuries but return several starters on both sides of the ball. I fully expect them to be in the mix in this competitive district.
  10. I am not saying the kid isn't a great young man. I personally have never met him and really have a hard time criticizing a middle school kid. I just hope he is able to get with the Holy Cross program and work with his coaches and his teammates and continue his development.
  11. So you are saying that the Athletes that workout at Aspirations gym are not urged to go to certain schools?
  12. Well I know Coach Schlarman was on him early and before alot of other schools. As you say though to to beat Bama.
  13. Wow that is kind of shocking I thought UK was in pretty good standing with him.
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