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UT 17 UK 12


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This one bites.

A loss that can be attributed to missed opportunities.

Missed PAT

Missed Chip shot FG.

Hit both of those and you are kicking for a go ahead FG, with little time on the clock.

Couldnt convert a turnover inside the red zone for 6 in the first half.

4th and 3 around the UT 35 middle of fourth quarter and they ran a delay?

A few questionable play calls.

Hit Ainge force fumble and rather than falling on football they try to pick up and run...and UT recovers and punts.

2nd and goal from the 3.

Sideline calls audible late in play clock and they get a delay of game.

Fail on 4th down...

Great opprtunity to get a huge victory but they blew it.


Overlooked will be a decent job by the defense and games by Tamme and Little.

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