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  1. It is an absolute slaughter. Very disheartening for the Lawrence fans. They are a good bunch and this night has to be very sobering for them.
  2. TD pass from Elkins to Young. Belfry 44 Lawrence 0 38 secs left in the 1st half.
  3. TD pass from Elkins to Preston Belfry 38 Lawrence 0 2nd quarter 4:46
  4. May for a TD Belfry 31 Lawrence 0 9:31 left to go in the 2nd Quarter. I was really hoping Lawrence would give Belfry some competition.
  5. Lee for a long TD run on the first play of the 2nd quarter Belfry 24 Lawrence 0
  6. Belfry is dominating Lawrence in every way.
  7. Belfry 17 Lawrence 0 4:59 Remaining in the 1st Quarter.
  8. 5 NCC 3 Lex Catholic 3 Henry Clay 1 Owensboro 1 S. Laurel 1 Breathitt 1 Desales 1 Pikeville 1 Trotwood Madison 1 LCA
  9. Great job 3Wishes... Scribe is good also. Rock BIG.
  10. One of the worst D1aa teams out there.. Still impressive!
  11. Thanks HitStick. Consider your team and then think of the young man who might not be the named guy for your team and mention how they played. Not saying the best player can't be a shot, but this site generally tends to get to know those kids. For Belfry, off the radar. I think No. 9 Thomas Varney really showed up. He didnt do anything amazing, but he caught a crucial 3rd down pass for a first down tha ended in a TD and played a good game at safety against one of the states better QB's (Cashen)
  12. Exactly. I voted for Woodson as 1 even though I don't REALLY think he deserves it becaause A) I love the Cats and B) I am loyal to our boys. I would NOT vote more than once like that. Some people obviously have! I don't think it is a bad thing per se, I just think it speaks to the UK fan base and their loyalty (if not blinded perception) more than the NATIONS actually perception. Comon Cats fans.... Every UoL fans is loving each post you make that says "oh this is scientific and legit" Woodson is a good player. Even Cards will say so. He is not the number 1 Heisman guy!
  13. Comon Thunder.... You know crazy KY folk. May be Woodson is getting number 1 votes from non UK fans. If not UK fans, fantastic, but I doubt it. I think instead of arguing the validity of the results, UK fans should emphasize the strength of the UK fan base and their loyalty.
  14. I check out the Cats Pause site from time to time and I know that there are people on there who are crazy about voting for Woodson. I DO NOT think the results are from outside sources. I DO think its pretty cool that UK fans are so fired up that they are spending (perhaps wasting) their time voting for Andre. He won't win Heisman. Why do UoL fans get so upset over doo doo like this?
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