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  1. Very bad timing if true. Has a Tennessee coach ever come north of the border and had any success in Kentucky?
  2. Good analysis as always. I think Trigg is too high and UHA too low.
  3. So much for the "dale would never score 70 on someone argument" we saw on here last year.
  4. Edmonson County has played a bakery schedule. I would have expected their schedule to be tougher given they knew what they had coming down the line. They are better than Monroe but Monroe is a tough place to play. I say Edmonson by a touchdown late on a questionable call.
  5. I would think Lone Oak or Paducah Tilghman would have to be on that list.
  6. It just seems this way year after year. Right?
  7. Hopkins Central won 13 games in the two seasons before they were on Crittenden's schedule. They have won seven games in the two seasons they have been on Crittenden's schedule. Union County won 17 games the past two seasons. They graduated a huge senior class and *Poof* they are on the Crittenden schedule this year. Marshall County has won five games in two years. *Poof* They are on the schedule Trigg and Crittenden played just about every year in the 1990s. Higgins went to Trigg and *poof*, they vanished from Trigg's schedule. Trigg goes 4-7 last year and look who's back on the schedule. Trigg County. I will give credit to Crittenden for scheduling Paducah Tilghman and Madisonville and avoiding the temptation of scheduling the Fultons. Why didn't they continue their series with Mayfield. That had turned into a good little rivalry and Crittenden even won a couple of times. Could they not fit them in or are they just waiting for Mayfield to graduate a huge senior class?
  8. Seeing as how Crittenden likes to schedule teams during their down cycles, I'm thinking Crittenden should win this one.
  9. 1. Bowling Green 2. Henderson Co. 3. Warren Central 4. Franklin-Simpson 5. Lone Oak 6. Allen County-Scottsville 7. Madisonville 8. Greenwood 9. Marshall County 10. Owensboro
  10. 1. Tilghman 2. Mayfield 3. Owensboro Catholic 4. Ft. Campbell 5. Edmonson Co. 6. Trigg Co. 7. Caldwell Co. 8. Crittenden Co. 9. Russellville 10. Murray
  11. Let's try and do this again, starting with a preseason top 10. Here are the eligible western Kentucky schools to rank in your top 10. 4A - Calloway County, Hopkins County Central, Lone Oak, Madisonville-North Hopkins, Owensboro, Allen County-Scottsville, Breckinridge County, Franklin-Simpson, Warren East 5A - Apollo, Christian County, Graves County, Hopkinsville, Ohio County, Barren County, Bowling Green, Greenwood, Logan County, Warren Central 6A - Daviess County, Henderson County, Marshall County, Muhlenberg County Let's Have your top 10
  12. Let's try and do this again, starting with a preseason top 10. Here are the eligible western Kentucky schools to rank in your top 10. 1A - Fulton City, Fulton County, Mayfield, Russellville 2A - Ballard Memorial, Caldwell County, Crittenden County, Murray, Reidland, Butler County, Hancock County, McLean County, Owensboro Catholic, Todd County Central, Union County 3A - Fort Campbell, Heath, Paducah Tilghman, Trigg County, Webster County, Edmonson County, Hart County, South Warren Let's have your top 10
  13. I'm shocked they didn't tag someone interim for a year and then open it up statewide. The number of "retired" coaches who frequent the lakes area would have made it an interesting candidate pool.
  14. I've heard of teams trading a blank tape. One school filmed games at such a wide angle, the tops of the lights across the field were visible. I know of one western Kentucky school that edited out all special teams plays, including kickoffs, punts, and extra points. A few years back, one school got busted for editing the plays and showing the quarters out of sequence. I'm sure there are other stories out there. Just because a team trades film, it doesn't mean you're getting something that helps. :lol:
  15. I think Murray wins. Their defense is better than people give them credit for
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