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  1. Watch of for Nick West from Conner correct me if im wrong but think he is only going to be a sophomore
  2. Don't agree with the early favorite for POY in NKY at all. I don't even think she is the best player in her district. (Allison Long of Conner)
  3. Whats everyones thought I no Bradley from Boone and my pick to be player of the year Allison Long of Conner will be there but other thoughts?
  4. If you watch the game, you should be able to know what the score is.
  5. I'm not sure if how he is doing with his knee injury or if he is even planning on playin basketball again but if Jayce Jordan of Conner plays he has to be in the top ten. Another name to watch is Chris Lang.
  6. #4 and #45 for Paintsville impressed me very much how they were able to handle the pressure and take control of the team. Last night was first night I have been able to see Landon Slone play and he impressed alot. Looking foward to the Henderson vs Slone matchup. Ill go with Holmes by 13.
  7. If your talking bout Eric Thomas he is a senior this year. Conner returns Avery,Chris Lang (suprise player to watch) Tyler Brake, Arron Stephans. I think the key for Conner will be if Jayce Jordan returns to play his senior year due to ACL injury.
  8. 1-Lex Cath 1-Central 1-Jeffersontown 1-Holmes 1-South Laurel 1-Lincoln 1-Tilghman 1-Mason Co 2-Lex Cath 2-Holmes 2-South Laurel 2-Mason 3-Holmes 3-Mason 5-Holmes TB 148
  9. Congrats to the lady Cougars on a great season. I see them right back here next year with what the have coming back next year.
  10. I got a question does anyone think that Allison Long reminds you of old New Cath star Jayme Theim?
  11. Gela Hayes from Conner did a very good job down low for Conner tonight
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