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  1. I was wondering the same thing.:confused:
  2. Congrats to the Players, student body and the Cooper boosters for their win.
  3. I'll go with the Tigers in this one, The Beechwood Tigers that is 55 to 7
  4. :thumb:Coach Hornsby is a quality gentleman that from all accounts the kids greatly respect. Regardless of the final record the youngmen at Ludlow are very fortunate to have a man like Coach Hornsby take over a program that was going in the wrong direction. Good luck the rest of the year Panthers..
  5. :thumb:Good post..Keep your heads up Panthers..
  6. Parents at all schools always have a tendency to over-estimate the abilities of their kids. It has gotten worse IMO over the past 10-15 years. Parents definitely need to be more realistic. With that said a person who decides to become a coach needs to realize that this comes with the job. Coaches not only need to earn the respect of their players but also must be good communicators who not only have the ability to teach the Xs and Os but also be able to explain to parents what is expected from his/her child but also what the parent/player can expect from the coach. It's definitely a 2 way street that both sides need to work on a great deal.
  7. :thumb:Agree and just a bit of a reminder to all the parents and players who think they should just go hire some knothole coach..If you don't have the necessary 64 credit hours to be hired as a para-professional then it's a moot point. Just can't do it and in all honesty not sure it would be the best thing for the program. Whomever it is please lets let the coach coach, the kids play and the parents cheer and be supportive.
  8. :thumb:I agree, a 500 season would be very impressive considering the instability of the program the past few years. They have some kids who can play but just not as good as they or their families like to think. The baseball program at Ludlow needs a big injection of dedication and enthusiasm both by the players and the new coach, whomever it turns out to be.
  9. Ludlow pulls off a bit of a surprise and wins 14 to 13..Good luck to both teams..
  10. :thumb::ylsuper: :thumb:I don't believe Coach Borchers and his Jaguars have enough apples in their basket to knock of these Cats.;)Good luck Coach McMillen and the Walton Verona Bearcats. Walton 21 Cooper 12
  11. Definitely needs to be on this list but as Mr. Infamous stated Ernst seems to limit himself to the tradional NKY powers and probably doesn't get to many Holmes football games.
  12. :thumb:Good post.. Lewis was a tremendous athlete at Ludlow and continues to play well at Gtown.
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