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  1. As long as the linemen was not beyond the line of scrimmage this is the correct call, and one heck of a tough break!
  2. If not yet officially, I would expect it to be soon.
  3. Na, I hear Colton Hartig can be in town if they push it to Saturday.
  4. Probably... The Brooks kid hasn’t thrown in 2 weeks and Hoeh hasn’t in a week, they probably needed an extra day. Or maybe they moved it to Thursday because Carson Werrman can’t come back to pitch until Friday. Or do you think they’re really going to go all out Bush league and bring back Alex Franzen to throw in the regional championship? He might have had a workout for the Steam on Wednesday and couldn’t pitch or something.
  5. Hate to see it end that way? Kid #1 did his job (hit the ball hard) and Kid #2 did their job (made the play), can't hang your head on that. You have to hate seeing kids lose a game due to errors, walks, or bad officiating, but not when you've done your job and the other team executes to beat you.
  6. "Ryle was the District Loser in that game. St. Henry was the higher seed." True, but if you ask many who track upsets on name alone, this was an upset. The point being the St. Henry's, Bellevue's and others are often overlooked, but in HS baseball crazy things can happen when aces are on the mound.
  7. Fake news... Advanced in 09, 10, 11, and 14. Beat St. Henry (09 and 14), Bellevue (10), Newport (11) Before we go on about those 4 victories not being against the strongest opponents, let's keep in mind first round regional matchups (when you win your district) are against a district loser not within your own district. St. Henry and that Bellevue team (depending on who was on the mound) are not teams to overlook. (See the St. Henry upset of Ryle in round 1 recently)
  8. "Harrod is a fine football player. He was the rock for CC’s pass defense all year." Logan is definitely a special athlete with quite the reputation as a hard hitting safety. He has a chance to be a monster next year with some time in the weight room.
  9. I would say that one of the candidates was "more qualified" in the sense of never having a record of leaving a team mid-season for a week long cruise. The fact that this same candidate runs a youth group at a local church would rank high on Calvary's radar, if the wanting someone with accepted faith is true. Who knows, but if they did wait to hire him thus missing out on an entire summer to run camps, etc, then shame on them. Awesome hire if you can make it happen at the opportune time, but if they waited past summer camp opportunities, etc just to make a splash with a name, shame on them! If they did have to wait on Brown it was simply so he could have the time after the camps he runs for personal gain. I want great things for Calvary, have some connections there, but we will revisit this thread when this hire doesn't go quite as they planned.
  10. Oldercoach, you ever gone to any games on accident? I wanna hear those stories...
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