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  1. I agree that Cooper outplayed the Camels, but the interception in the end zone was a bone head call for the Camels to run. They needed 4 yards and had 2 downs to get it in the end zone and should have run the ball instead of a pass.
  2. The Camels defense is too tough for Cooper. Camels by 20.
  3. Why isn’t Campbell county Cooper game posted?
  4. Can you post something on the Campbell county, Cooper game Friday night
  5. The birds defense is solid but I just didn’t see much on offense. Like I said, camel fumbles and passes that should never have been thrown opened the door for easy scores.
  6. There is no way highlands is the 14th best team in the state. I watched them beat camel and they capitalized on interceptions and turnovers. We will see after this week how good they are.
  7. There is no way highlands is ranked that high. I seen them play and I was not impressed even with the win.
  8. The birds are nowhere near championship caliber. Camel has no running game or passing. Just turnover after turnover.
  9. The Camels are going to win a lot of games and this will be one of them. 28-14 Camels.
  10. Can anyone give updates on the mercer county - George Rogers Clark game
  11. Older coach, your junping the gun a little early aren’t you. Campbell county is still in this the last time I looked. I just wouldn’t count them out .
  12. 81-29 Camel. The big three for camel was awesome. Clos led the way with 30 points
  13. Camels jumped out to 16-0 lead and never looked back.
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