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  1. Ryan Ernst posted this on the Enquirer high school blog yesterday. There have been a number of great high school football players from this region since 2003. Of course, this is subjective, and based on one person's opinion. What would your team look like? Best I've seen ... Posted by RyanErnst at 10/6/2008 5:33 PM EDT on Cincinnati.com I got into a conversation with someone the other day about the best football players I've covered in my six seasons on the Northern Kentucky beat. What would my all-time team look like? Probably something like this: OFFENSE QB: Drew Ellison, CovCath RB: Cory Farris, Boone County RB: Dustin Menetrey, Beechwood OL: Sean Sester, Highlands OL: Marcus Davis, Boone County OL: Mike Donoghue, CovCath OL: Dominic Mainello, Beechwood OL: Scott Wise, Highlands TE: Peter Sutton, CovCath WR: Josh Canafax, NewCath WR: Kurt Bovard, CovCath K: Shane Popham, CovCath DEFENSE DL: Victor Singleton, Conner DL: Justin Smith, NewCath DL: Zack Kiernan, NewCath DL: Drew Davis, Beechwood LB: Vince Murray, Ryle LB: Sam Flynn, CovCath LB: Ben Guidugli, Highlands LB: Jordan Nevels, Highlands DB: Michael Mitchell, Highlands DB: Scott Gray, Ryle DB: Austin Collinsworth, Highlands P: Josh Bleser, CovCath Thoughts? I was thinking maybe James Thomas (Newport) at receiver. But he had a shorter career and played weaker competition than the guys I have there right now. I was also thinking maybe Sam Diehl (NewCath) or Trevor Stellman (Conner) over Ellison. Did Andy Schulte (CovCath) belong on the offensive line somewhere? Does Duran Jefferson (Holmes) deserve a nod? Scott Kuhn (Conner) anyone? (For the record, this starts with the 2003 football season.)
  2. One of the best high school football games I have watched in a long time. That said I am surprised no one has brought up the fatigue factor. NCC is a 2a school and each of their starting receivers also plays DB and safety. Of course, they have lineman going both ways. You could see the legs going late in the first half when CCH scored their first TD. It was very obvious late in the game. This is a game NCC should have won. A good 5A or 6A school should beat a good 2A school given the greater depth of the larger school. This will not be as big a factor for NCC once they move into district play and the playoffs. Good luck to both teams the rest of the season.
  3. Didn't UC and UK have a high level of interest in this young man?? What happend?
  4. First let me say I wish the best for Christie. She is a great coach and more importantly a quality person. I have read enough of these "parental involvement" posts that I finally felt compelled to post a personal situation that exemplifies why parents should stay out of their children's academic and athletic pursuits. My son was a very talented NKYFL football player. Once he graduated public grade school we decided to send him to a private school, in another county. He went to this school with no contacts or relationships. He had no athletic "brand" to speak of with the freshman football coaches. Following summer practices and the first few games he became very disappointed with his lack of playing time. To be honest, so was I. One day following practice, as we were driving home, my son told me he was thinking about quitting. We talked about it. I asked him if he had expressed his disappointment to the coach? I reminded him that my policy was never to advocate playing time and or talk with a coach about his role and or playing time. I didn't do it when he was in grade school and I wasn't about to start in high school. I coached him on the best way to broach the subject with his coach so that the encounter was constructive and positive. My son talked with the head coach the following day after practice. He shared with the coach that he believed he could contribute more to the team if only given the opportunity. The coach thanked my son and told him how impressed he was with his respect and maturity. Over the next few games the coach began to work my son into the game as a wide-out. The rest as they say is history. Following the end of the freshman season he was one of four freshman selected to dress varsity. He went on to a great varsity career setting the school record for receptions, yards and TD's in a season, and finished second in all-time receiving yardage. Today he is a D1 wide-receiver. As parents we should be teaching our children "life lessons." I only wish more parents embraced this philosophy.
  5. I was in a meeting with the NCC principal this afternoon. The game will kick-off at 7:p.m. Apparently the Corbin players and parents will spend the night and bolster our regional tourism industry. Safe travels to all the Corbin faithful, and enjoy the Greater Cincinnati region!!
  6. There are some big plans underway up on the hill. Better days are ahead, and soon, relative to facilities, etc. Stay tuned...
  7. cshs81 What's wrong with Sean? Is he playing linebacker or fullback? Great kid, great family. We wish him well.
  8. I know it is early, but I am very impressed with Rob Kues. Not only is he a quality young man, but he is a developing into a very impressive QB. I attended two scrimmages with moderate expectations, relative to his arm strength and accuracy. WOW!! Rob has a very strong arm and is very accurate. My son, who has caught balls (in games and in workouts) from two of NCC's greatest QB's (Diehl and Smith) says Rob is the real deal!! Wait until Rob starts running the ball!! The Breds have a lot of talent (again) this year. They are likely to have their ups and downs early in the season, but come the stretch run and the playoff drive Coach Schneider and his staff will have them right where they want them.
  9. EKU contacted my son two weeks ago and offered him a walk-on invitation. They claimed that their recruiter, who's terriotry includes N. KY., is also the academic monitor for the football program. He had to be pulled off his terriotry and it apparently had a domino effect throughout the state.
  10. Here is the scoop on Canafax.... Cincinnati has been in contact with him over the past few weeks (including a face to face meeting at school in January). He is awaiting confirmation of a "preferred walk-on" invitation. Dayton is also in the mix. Josh is scheduled to visit Georgetown this Thursday (2/9). The Tigers have been interested in Josh since day one, but he wants to wait to see how the UC situation plays out.
  11. Congratulation's Zach!!! The Canafax's wish you all the best in your academic and football career at Georgetown. :dancingpa
  12. Leatherneck, I agree with your assessment. My key point was centered around the players confidence level, and the stability in the line play, etc. I am not saying NCC would beat CCH in a second round match-up, only that the players wanted another shot to show they were not as bad as the 42-0 score might indicate.
  13. I posted a topic in the middle of the season questioning whether Bracken County should fold up their tents and drop the football program. While it is not a popular POV, I believe BC should call it quits. BC should have followed the same pattern as Pendleton County. Establish your feeder program, play an independent schedule, and work your way up to district play. IMO BC is so far behind the curve that they will never recover.
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