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  1. All yr w/the better teams, it has been best of 5. I would assume this is best of 5. I will say this goes 5 games w/St Henry winning.
  2. I would be willing to bet that not one Beechwood player or coach would agree w/this statement. True, the district is weak but once out of the district and into the rest of the playoffs, there is NO GUARANTEE they will win those games and make it to the finals.
  3. The CRU wins at HOME w/a tremendous crowd support.
  4. Losing a head coach and the starting setter/outside hitter along w/graduation, I think, had a bigger impact than soccer.
  5. She will be cleared on 9/29 by her surgeon and will be ready to play by 10/06.
  6. As long as you have been posting why don't you get that BHS has to play Brossart/Dayton/Ludlow/Bellevue and next yr add WV. This is there district. You keep criticizing them for something they have no control over. I think BHS plays a very good non-district schedule every yr. This yr they have Dixie/Lloyd/CCH/Prestonburg, all much bigger schools. What more do you want, for them to move up to 5A? 2A would be nice, IMO!
  7. Thanks for the update. Coaching at a school does not constitute free tuition though. What about the Folke boy, is he at BHS as well? From what I have heard and how good the freshman are, I assume he is the running back being talked about.
  8. At the US Kids World Golf tournament, if this occurs the kid is asked to leave the tournament after only one warning. IMO, the other players should have said something and if it continued, then an official should have been brought in.
  9. Sorry, didn't mean to steriotype to include the entire team but facts are facts and all the yellow flags have proven that over the yrs. Dayton has had some fine athletes, only takes a couple bad seeds to ruin things for everyone.:thumb:
  10. This happens every yr for BHS. If some of you only knew what the kids were told in games like this. Like: no one will cross the goal line the rest of the game, ball inside the five after driving w/the 2nd and 3rd string player's the QB is told to fumble the snap or take a knee. For anyone to accuse a BHS team of trying to demoralize another team is completely ridiculous. Over the last several yrs the BHS teams could have put up 70 pts against some of their district opponents and most think they should have. The 2's and 3's work just as hard in practice and get beat on by the 1's everyday so why shouldn't they get to score. So don't accuse BHS of ever trying to demoralize a team or running the score up. I am willing to bet and I am a gambling man, that BHS wanted that running clock in order to get out of their early and as quick as possible. Wasn't at the game but as long as I can remember, Dayton was good for several late hits. My brother always worried about a cheap shot every yr he played against Dayton along w/getting bit and grabbed.
  11. Gold rnd did have Mercy/Assumption playing, Silver Rnd was St Henry/Pelham(AL) where Pelham won, no idea who was playing in the Bronze Rnd.
  12. BHS will only get better as usual and always cheer for lucas
  13. Whoever wins will secure 2nd in the district, right?
  14. If Lloyd can't beat Beechwood, they won't beat LCA! I would love to see an big upset by the Jugg's.
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