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  1. Does Christian County have any other qb's if McDuffen isn't effective.
  2. Beth won't be teaching at Lloyd next year, so I don't know if she's still going to coach but I doubt she will.
  3. Lloyd is returning 4 starters on offense (QB, RB, RT, LT) and 4 on defense (DT, 2 LB, S). They will be young and but will be in very good shape. Talking to players they say this is the most strenuous pre-season they've ever had (as far as conditioning and lifting).
  4. Yes Creech played center last year. And Drifmeyer played it his sophomore year. I look for Ben Blankenship or Jeremy Ray to play the position. It's a huge pivotol position for the team.
  5. No one questioned their talent. They're good ball players, but they're just too young and inexperienced.
  6. He's just not ready yet, he's a freshmen. Not to take anything away from him, because what I've heard he's a stud at the JV level. Pitching next year may be limited, I'd say he could compete for the everyday third basemen spot. Varsity is a whole different brand of baseball. Next year he might see some time in a relief role. Next year the Jugg's rotation will look like this: 1. McGuire 2. Pittman 3. Warren 4. Jouett 5. Brown. Relievers: Banta, Willett, Asher, Hillard.
  7. I personally think passing leagues mean nothing for the real season. Lloyd won 3/4's of all their 7 on 7's played last year, and only went 6-6 in the regular season. They beat Beechwood and NewCath easily and got blew out in the actual game during the season. Lloyd also beat DuPont Manual who won the entire UK passing tourny. And Lloyd still only had a sub-par year. Just because a team is really good at 7 on 7's does not mean they will have a good team. But I do think 7 on 7's are a lot of fun to watch and they are good for extra reps that you can't get everyday at practice.
  8. Drifmeyer is a guard or tackle, not a center. And John Schneider isn't playing this year. I look for either Sugar or Whitey to play Center.
  9. I'm not just saying for POY, I'm saying other awards as well. Hunter Jones has a great glove, and so does Luke Maile. Luckily for them, they also hit extremely well. I think if Maile and Jones were not known for hitting, they'd be known for their defense. My point is so much emphasis is put on hitting. What do you think?
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