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  1. Lloyd dominated and Eric Turner did a great job leading the Juggs again tonight!!
  2. Lol. Nice, well thought out argument. Trust me, I have a pretty good idea how hs football works. I know how it works in real life rather than just on a message board.
  3. You are correct Guru. Just wanted to remind that the cupboard at Boone was not completely empty when he arrived. Either way, his untimely exit did not help.
  4. 2,3, and 5 are the responsibility of the head coach. These are things expected of coaches. If you do 2, 3, and 5 well 1 and 4 will take care of themselves to a degree. Being a successful head coach is difficult. If it was easy anyone could be a successful coach. Coach Griffith knew what he was getting into. I don't agree with bailing on the kids so quickly, at Boone and Barren. Good coaches stick it out and turn it around.
  5. I agree with the above comments; the Boone job is now a difficult situation. However, Boone was in the state semis about 15 months prior to coach Griffith getting the position, which he sought with vigor. Then he leaves after two years and one loss. Now he has done it to Barren. Great coaches don't do that.
  6. He certainly turned Boone County around. They are still trying to recover. Two years and one win and then bolts. From what I am told, he is really disorganized when it comes to fulfilling head coaching duties (practice schedules, etc.). Some people are great assistant coaches, but are not as good as head coaches.
  7. Mike Weedman is an excellent coach and an even better man. Carroll County is lucky to have him. Unfortunately for him, the talent is just not there right now at Carroll.
  8. And ironically enough, just like coach Hauck, they are winning regional titles again.
  9. Excellent choice by Dayton. Chad is a fine young coach and will get the best from his players.
  10. Very well deserved!! Coach Warner has done an OUTSTANDING job leading the Raiders!!
  11. Many people at Boone County will say Tony Law is the best ever at Boone
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