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  1. Here's a few for CCH Sean Gruber - Holy Cross Chris Brunneman - Western KY Matt Collett - Valparaiso Adam Spaulding - Thomas Moore John Hennesey - Thomas Moore Lou Brenner - Centre College Rob Winter - Centre College Brian Piper - Georgetown Also...Brett Spaulding...CCH Class of '97..played at Wooford College then came to Thomas More.
  2. 10 Meechi Brown - Union 10 Nikko Waller - Union? 10 Brandon Carter - KY State 10 Dionte Glenn - KY State 10 Rodney Orr - Ohio Mid Western 10 Quin McDay - Ohio Mid Western 10 Daryl Lynch - Ohio Mid Western 09 Tim Slusher - KCU 08 Devin Box - KY State 06 JJ Hesch - Murray State 06 Daniel Runion - KWC 05 Matt Atkins - KWC 04 David Schoo - MSJ 04 Terry Runion - TMC 04 Alvin Pate - Minnesota/ EKU by way of Juco 03 Andy Mickleson - TMC 03? Steve Black - TMC 02 Dustin Murray - Hanover 02? Ben Stith - OU 00 Matt Atkins - TMC (2 time All American) 00 Nick Partin - TMC 99 Donald Smith - TMC 99 Eric Merrill - Kansas Methodist or Nazarene? 98 Nick Rice - Cumberland/TMC (All-American, Good Works Team) 98 Jason Friedhoff - Cumberland/TMC 98 Mike Runion - TMC 98 Dickie Witherspoon - Louisville 97 Nick Rouse - EKU 97 Garret Williams - Louisville 96 Bill Lewis- Kentucky State/Memphis 91 Juan McDay - EKU 91 Kevin Johnson 90 John Gross - Campbellsville 90 Steve Sibrel - Campbellsville Just off the top of my head, not 100%, but I know that I am close. Some however, never panned out.
  3. I foresee Dayton making strides dramatically. Chad Montgomery was the right hire and will be an asset to Dayton for a long time. Kudos to the administration for making a great hire and goodluck to the Greendevils in 2011!
  4. Looks like that the guy just caught a bad break. I wish Coach luck if he is the new man at Holmes.
  5. I graduated in 1998. That was the AAA distrcit at the time. If I am not mistaken it had a ton of teams. Highlands, Cov Cath, Dixie, Holmes, Simon Kenton, Ryle, and Scott. Campbell and Boone were the 4A district teams but they played the Lexington schools. Feel free to correct me but I am almost positive those were the district aligments at the time. And Holmes, under Vandermeer, made the playoffs if I am not mistaken. Not sure about the time before him. I know they had some good teams I believe under Kenny Turner also. So yes, Holmes can compete.
  6. Steve Hensley is the current A.D. at Campbell County.
  7. Chad Montgomery. Confimed this moring, Congrats and good luck to both Coach Montgomery and the Dayton Greendevils.
  8. Wally, where do you get your info from. This is an absolute joke. Wally, do us all a favor and site your source. He was never ran out of Newport. Nick Rice was happy to have retained him on his staff in 2009 and then the A.D. job came open at Dayton that summer. This was Scott's chance to get some administrative experiance, you have to remember Wally, some teachers want to advance their careers and get into educational leadership. You have the oppertunity to prove me wrong via private message because I want to save everybody the time from reading your ridiculous garbage!
  9. The ranting and raving and going back and forth is becoming silly on this thread. This is worse than cragislist.....bluegrasspreps.com is not a bad place to state opinions about the upcoming game and using facts and stats from the current season. Let's just discuss the current season and current stats and facts to debate and back our predictions and get off of last year. I do not mean to jump in your argument, but lets talk about Brossart 2010 and Ludlow 2010.
  10. Cancelling football at Scott would be a cotastrophy. That program may not produce many winning seasons, but it does produce many fine young men who go on to have a sucessful life as an adult. Albeit all coaches and players like winning, and do not get what I am saying wrong, winning is important, but we must look at the positive impact the young men from Scott High School have had playing football. Many young men who have played are now productive individuals in society. Why is Scott losing on the field? They are losing because it has become expected and accepted at Scott High School to lose. They will not win until the players themselves have bought into what their coach is teaching and preaching. I could care less who is the head coach there, you need a sound system all the way from the top at the administration all the way down to the Ball Boy on Friday nights. I do not know what goes on inside the walls at Scott High School, but this is just the view of one guy outside looking in. So to place blame on any administrator, player(s), or coach is useless at this point. When all the above happen and they are still losing, then maybe this is a valid idea. But until then, quit trying to make something work that will not work until you have all the pieces in place.
  11. I know that Newport has trophies and newspaper articles for Mythical State Championships in 33, 36 and 40, and if I am not mistaken Dayton has one for 44.
  12. What time is the scrimmage on Saturday? Are there more teams that are going to be there?
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