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  1. Its not all about the sports side of things. He is also Dean of students. I dont know how many kids you have in Dayton But i have 3 of them in high School. I think I know alittle about what goes on their BTW 2 play football. And I like Deaton he has to put up with alot of Bull from Players, and Parents. Too much !Getting rid of meyers was my opion . Deaton IMO was tryin to be these kids coach and best friends and it backed fired on him trust me I know alot of these kids and i would have blown a gasket long before the window incident. Anybody want to know some of the things that has happen MSg me and i'll give you my side of things over the phone.
  2. BTW. He did do a good job of keping drinks out of the gym during games. The A.D that is.
  3. I think they where 9-3 in football. Basketball still playin ok. Trust Me this guy is not right for this job. If he was that good Newport wouldn't have kicked him out
  4. I think it was long overdue had no control of his team. Now they need to Get Rid Of their A.D Scott Meyers he has No clue what the hell he doing. IMO
  5. Greg Kleete was Dayton's best player in football
  6. I can't believe that their are 8 people who think Brossart will win. Wont be close tigers by 35
  7. I bet he didn't think twice about cashing that check. Never would he got that kind of money in the open market today.Didn't the owner let Hansworth family use his private jet during his brother death. I wish i was so mistreated.
  8. DAyton starting a bunch of their JV players because alot of the Varisty team didnt show up for films saturday after Newport game. Its going to be ugly. Tigers could score A 100 easy its not good in Dayton right now
  9. Took him five times to break. Blood all over the bus. Had to get stiches that night. Thats the fact
  10. Beechwood will have no problem in dIII Bellevue should have a good turnout this year other than that i dont see much from here.
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