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Division 3 NKY Top Teams? Any Teams going to give Beechwood a run?


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Beechwood has pretty much owned DIII for the past few years and I do not see that changing. Dayton beat Beechwood last year in BW worst game of the season by 1 or two and the Tigers turned around and drilled Dayton at Dayton on senior night. I think the Tigers have had 1 conference loss in three or four years and have pretty much controlled the JV level. I don't see any DIII teams knocking Beechwood off the throne this year.

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A better question may be who will end up in 2nd place? Although Beechwood does have some new faces and certainly shouldn't be handed the title quiet yet. But, they still probably have more experience than the other d3 schools.

Dayton & Villa were there closest competitors last year. Dayton lost 8 solid contributors and Villa lost what may have been the best 1-2 punch in the conference. Villa does return a 6ft. 6in. junior who has a darn good skill set.


The next three teams a year ago I believe were Heritage, Bellevue, Calvary. Heritage lost one of the area's top scorers...I think Broenner was his name and a great 3-point shooter...Brunner? Their two top players names were similar. I don't believe Heritage returns much.


Bellevue lost at least 3 key player I remeber, Ricky Buckler, their big guy who was there forever Young, and Heage. I believe they have the same coach coming back which should help.

Calvary lost their coach and his son Vandermeer along with a couple other starters. I'm not sure how they'll be.


Ludlow also has a new coach and lost their best players, Hall and the point guard...can't remeber his name...started with an S.

Silver Grove I believe lost their coach and their starting five.


If I had to predict I would say:

1. Beechwood

2. Villa

3. Dayton

4. Bellevue

5. Calvary

6. Ludlow

7. Heritage

8. Silver Grove



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Fangman was the only Junior in D111 to make the Northen Kentucky Coaches All-Star team. I would say he has a hand up on anyone else in the preseason to be considered the best player in the conference. I dont know if anyone else in the conference is getting college looks but Fangman is.

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