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  1. I agree with the statement on Coach Bohmer he had them playing as a contender, but a few years under Herald and the program declined IMO. I don't want to take anything away from Coach Bohmer especially at this time. At any rate, if this is true I hope Beechwood can bring in someone to keep the positive momentum going. Their program is heading in the right direction.
  2. If this is true it would be a shame for Beechwood. He put that program back on the map.
  3. I just don't think CCH is the place to cut your teeth for your first Varsity head coaching job.
  4. I am sure he didn't make any friends when Beechwood knocked CCH out of the districts either.
  5. Coach L is a great family man and a great coach. I really hope this was his decision alone. Hat's off to him on all that he has accomplished. Best of luck for any future endeavors. It will be interesting to see who applies for this job. IMO one of the top jobs in NKY. I would expect some serious interest.
  6. Great for him, always seemed like a good kid.
  7. New York City. My wife and I had never been there. We were lucky to get tickets to Letterman and got front row tickets since we were on our honeymoon! It was a great trip.
  8. From reading this thread I realize that people will complain about anything and everything. It is not perfect people and it never will be. Sure the line was long, but most high school venues only have one entrance (other than Conner) parking is difficult at most high school venues, and clearning the gym was a nightmare. The crowds at BOK were awesome all week, any venue in the 9th would not have been able to accomodate that many guests. And lets not forget, playing in an arena helps prepare our region teams for what they will see at state in regards to floor size and shooting lines.
  9. I don't know him but from watching him play this year you can tell he is a good kid. I was grinning from ear to ear when he hit that first free throw! Congrats on helping your team make it to state.
  10. Donnie Cheatum is a very good player. No need to try to discredit anything he did or speak down about the kid. Congratulations to him on a solid career at Lloyd.
  11. I agree he is a nice guy and a great coach. If he can pull out a W in the region with this team I will put him in legendary status!!
  12. I would be very surprised. The only wins they have this season are over small schools. They will undoubtedly draw a district Champion so against the likes of Holmes, CCH, NCC, Boone, Ryle...I think they are a one and done.
  13. Worst district in NKY. Congrats to St. Henry for pulling out the W. Lloyd had a nice season just couldn't get up over the hump.
  14. Guess I could have read the article first! "The coaches association will vote for Player of the Year and Coach of the Year in each division following the post-season playoffs. The coaches will also vote on 9th Region Player of the Year. Those winners will be announced during an awards banquet in March, but the date and location have not been determined."
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