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  1. What about Travis Jones from Newport?
  2. Newport will be playing without WR Robbie Washington, thats a big help for dayton, and im pretty sure line backer Quin Mcday is out too.
  3. Its dayton they always have some type of player no one doesnt know about. Like last year Eastin and Turner and a few other seniors wasnt mentioned much but were very good i think eastin was in the top fithteen.
  4. Thoughts? Beechwood? Dayton? Bellevue? Any other teams have a shot at the conference title?
  5. What about two dayton kids Jordan Smith and Thomas Rogg. The Smith kid is 6'6 and can shoot the three. Rogg can see the floor and has very good dribbling skills and has a good shot as well. I dont know about the top ten in the region but they will put up some good numbers this year as both being only juniors. Also the smith kid would of started varsisty but due to grades Coach dilts wouldn't let him.
  6. I'm sorry but I think otherwise because Smith had a great game facing Loyd, yea they fell short but he brought them back into it being down 30 to 0. He made a huge play scrambling then finding an open WR TR Smith for a 83 yard td pass with a hurt shoulder. He threw for a close 200 yards he finally showed his true potentiol and how to step up and be a leader.
  7. What are you thoughts on this game? Dayton will be without Quarterback Jordan Smith.
  8. Sounds like this team is very talented, but no team will ever touch the American Legion team from a couple years ago.
  9. Just wanted to get some names out there early.
  10. Fangman has a lot to prove if he is going to be on this list.
  11. I agree, This will show it all, Those boys need this win! :thumb:
  12. Newport! Coach Rice is ready for this one.
  13. If Dayton is able to control the clock and move the ball on offence, they should come out with the Win. Good Luck Devils.
  14. It was a scrimmage and cooper is a 6A school! There were 3 Varsity Qrts and 1 jv qrt. dayton held cooper to only 14 points on the varsity side! I think that is good for dayton holding a 6A school to only two touchdowns.
  15. Half of that statement is correct! Thomas rogg will not be playing football this season due to school issues but Jordan smith will be able he will be replacing Rogg at QB.
  16. That's according to my uncle who played against Chad in high school in football and baseball. I saw his football highlights that he sent away to colleges and the guy would punish people when running the ball. So if he's just as good as a baseball player as we was a football player man. Question is can he get the kids out to play? I play, but quit last year because I could not get along with the coach. I think Coach Montgomery will get the kids out. A bunch of guys already told me they were going to go out for baseball now.
  17. Yes I heard he was a better baseball player than football player. Had oppurtunity to play for NKU, but did not. From my understanding he was an unbelievable CF. He was all-conference his junior and senior year. I heard he even lettered his 8th grade year in baseball. He also coached 3 years @ Bellevue when he graduated.
  18. Congrats Coach Montgomery on being named head coach for Dayton High School baseball hopefully you can get the program turned around.
  19. The crowd was awesome one of the biggest I have seen in years. The game was great too and the players seemed to enjoy it. The East had a lot more speed and I think that was the difference. The two big plays of the game were the field goal right before half. The West could have kicked a field goal or two at the end there and tied it, but were forced to go because of the field goal right before half. Then the biggest play was the 4th and 3 inside the redzone. Wonderful event and I am thrilled every kid had a lot of playing time at least from the East. Refs did a wonderful job as well players and coaches.
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