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  1. If you look at the papers Cooper was picked to loose in Fanklin and Harlan County games . But I for one like the fact that they keep putting them at underdogs !! Dont want the boys to get to cocky !! Like they did last year against Anderson County .
  2. I heard Hellbird was getting a bus for him and any Conner fan that wanted to go back to Franklin County next Friday !!
  3. Someone let Hellbird know so he is'nt up all night !!!
  4. If it goes Head to head for the 2 and 3 spot Cooper would be 3 .
  5. So it may not matter if Conner looses to CCH, the rest are all the same teams .
  6. Would Cooper get the 2 if they beat Dixie ? Other than CCH they played all the same teams . The way I see it Conner has to beat CCH to get 2 or Cooper loose to Dixie right ?
  7. Was not a pick 6 but I dont know what coach was thinking . Up 14 - 0 and 1:30 on the clock and they throw the ball . IMO you run the clock out and go to the half with a 14 - 0 lead .
  8. I like when the kids get a little pushy and shoving , that makes it fun !!!
  9. Cooper cant wait till the 3rd quarter to start playing ! Conner has alot of speed . Was very surprised that Cooper stayed in the same D all night . Looked like they did some blitzing in the 4th but was to late . Hope these teams meet again .
  10. IMO the D-Line of Cooper will be the main factor in this game . Conners O - line must be able to stop the front 4 of Cooper and that will be a tough thing to do . I think Conner has one of the best QB ;s in nky and Rb but I think Cooper is more rounded team . Cant wait to see how it plays out.
  11. The mighty SK only put 22 against Ryle . No way they would beat Cooper !
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