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  1. Yes It was Hawthorn that was ejected on incidental contact and no forearm was throw from my point of view it looked as if he raised his arms up for protection and ran into Mason . Hope Tyler is ok but once again bad call by the field Ump.
  2. Congrats to Jared Blank on his first Dinger !!!!!!!
  3. First lets start with I don't have rose colored glasses I see perfectly. The best thing you need to do since you dont know the kid keep your opinions to yourself and quit commenting on thing you don't anything about . A.J. had a once in lifetime opportunity and he jumped on it and as far as know everyone on the team had no issues with it including the Coach because it was handled in the right manner . Also it didn't affect any seed games so leave it at that .
  4. Please enlighten us with your definition. Don't even question his committment the kid has not ever missed a practice or game in any sport in 12 years ,yes 12 years .he gets 1 week off a year for dead period but most the time he's playing baseball for the Colonels in the summer . He has been injured once in basketball he broke his hand and was out 4 weeks but was still in the gym practicing left handed "the whole time " and he injuried his shoulder in football but still played the game and spent weeks in therapy but still didn't miss practice so "PLEASE "sit back and find out what the kid accomplished before you start running your mouth on the this forum over a stupid week during spring break . He missed 4 games during spring break and none were District seed games so it didn't effect any of the season .
  5. Congrats to Campbell they did hit the ball well last night !
  6. TBC , I agree with your lineup that seems like a great lineup but we still have to cut back on the errors if its not fielding errors its running errors so that has to stop .
  7. Hellbird , you know just as well as i do. It doesn't matter what lineup is in there someone is going to complain so just leave it at that . All these kids are capable of playing high school baseball or they wouldn't be out there . They cannot have that many errors and minimal hits to be successful so that has to change
  8. I agree with the warming of pitchers but the Coaches doesn't have anything to do with the 4 errors and 4 hits . Those kind of stats your not going to beat anyone .
  9. I agree with one of the calls on first. The throw from the pitcher I would say he was out but the throw from the catcher he didnt even tag on the swipe it was the second tag after the swipe and he was on the bag by then but none the less we can argue all night about numerous calls just leave it as a good game and looking forward to see if Cooper can keep their composer for the next three games and good Luck to the Colonels and see ya Saturday. Glad to see Wardo "Great Guy"
  10. Yes , are you talking about Christy Schwabe what a great teacher of the game.
  11. My Exact point you didn't see it . So don't keep telling me to show you on film everything is not on there . Also Lou probably should of been T'd up it was after I believe his 5th foul maybe 4th at half court they blew the whistle at half court and he went on down and dunked it . It was a good 2-3 secs after the whistle , but again a no call . Just glad its over and now done talking about it. Good luck through the tourney and hopefully Cooper plays well the rest the way . Have a good day .
  12. Trust me if I knew you were right I would have never posted , so don't get ahead of yourself . The film doesn't give you a clear view of ever foul or no foul . You did not see everything . Ok did you think that Louis should of been T- up on the Dunk .
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