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  1. Just curious, does a single member of the CCH basketball team have a Covington address?
  2. Again, a 5A private school (equals about an 8A school) beats a 1/2A school. The only thing shocking is that Beechwood beat them twice.
  3. This simply speaks of the differences between a good 1A and a good 5A program 5A private even more so). If Beechwood ever wins this matchup, the coaches at Cover Cath have some explaining to do.
  4. All the talk of CCH. I would love to see them play in the 6A, where they belong!
  5. I miss the days when CC sucked! Congrats to the Colonels
  6. I know and some years it's a game but when you're giving up 50lbs at every single position, it's not much of a game
  7. 77 Fouls! I do not see how that could be classified as a good game, no matter who you are rooting for. It sounds like a pretty painful game to watch to me. I was not there but I'm not sure how you can get too upset when someone takes a jab at the officiating!
  8. I'm not so sure if it is Beechwood being down. I think it is more of Cov Cath being better than they normally are. A 4 or 5a Private should have its way with any 1a
  9. Eventually giving up 50lbs at every position catches up to you
  10. Are you talking about the SEC or the Big 12? How good can a league be when the same team wins it every single year?
  11. I would agree that this act was definitely not endorsed by BLM. However, while the fist part of this is true, the second part may or may not be true.
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