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  1. There was over an inch of rain Wednesday.
  2. Bert, Google "u pull and save auto parts Louisville" and there will be three locations. You can call and they will tell you if they have the vehicle in the lot. You then would have to take the tools and take it off the car our in the pound but you save a ton. There are other locations around the state but you listed Louisville as your location.
  3. My mother-in law hit a pothole and destroyed her tire and rim. I went two miles down the road to the junkyard and got a rim with a practically new tire on it for $60. I saved her a ton of money there. Not sure what part of the state you live but I would look up salvage yards.
  4. ^^All you needed to do was add Hellbird's name to it.
  5. ^I think Lance McAllister retweeted it yesterday afternoon. I'm not sure who it was but I saw it. You could probably go to Lance's twitter and find it.
  6. Instead of it being a chance for Dalton to shine on the national stage, I would like to change it to a chance for the Offensive Line to shine on the national stage. If they play well, I'm confident Dalton will play well. But, that's not the way fans think. It's much easier to just put it all on the QB.
  7. Goes to prove my point of fans hanging on a "name" rather than results. Rodgers is a stud but has had his off moments as well. If it was Dalton with this stat we wouldn't hear the end of it. And, NO, I'm not saying Dalton is better than Rodgers.
  8. Dalton won't get credit for anything the Bengal's do and I don't understand why. He came into the league and had not much of an off season due to lockout (or whatever it was) and has led the team to the Playoffs EVERY year. He has been better each year which is what a player is supposed to do, improve. It's always talk about how good everyone is around him. Well, his great devense didn't show up when they gave up over 200 yards rushing in one playoff. Was it his fault when Gio fumbled on the goal line right before halftime when it would have put them up two scores? Is it his fault half the team was injured and missed the Indy playoff game last year? He has had his bad moments as well but people are crazy to think most is his fault. His name is listed in the top 5 of many stats of all time QB's in their first four years. I will never understand how fans can't enjoy a winning team, even if the TEAM came up short in the Playoff games. Maybe I just remember the lost decade more than others. I will enjoy every snap of the season!!
  9. I felt the Bengal's were #2 as well and Denver's play had me second guessing. I did just hear on First Take that Aaron Rodgers is 3-9 on the road in Primetime games and he is 0-5 against top 5 defenses. I think the top 5 defense stat may be on the road but not sure. Of course Rodgers is money at home.
  10. I think I saw where there #1 CB was out for the year after tearing his ACL in practice this week.
  11. I've supported Dalton from day one while several were bashing him. I, along with some others on here, understand it takes some time to figure things out completely and that everyone is not Brady. He has taken the Bengals to the Playoffs EVERY year he has been in the league. While some losses were part his fault, way more was on the team as a whole including the coaching. I've stuck with Dalton and will continue to enjoy his continued improvement. Too bad Hellbird doesn't have much to complain about these days
  12. Great job Jags!! Time for a Ryle fan or two to eat some crow while they decide on which excuses to use. As for Ryle players, keep your heads up as you played hard.
  13. Towles played better after they made O-line changes. Mosier was getting beat every play along with most of the line. I can't believe they won as eku dominated three and a half quarters.
  14. I think Pat is the better QB as well but to be fair to Drew no matter how he does (or any back-up QB) it can be twisted to fit ones agenda.
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