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  1. Congrats to Coach JB and the Birds! Big crowd and great student support. Let's have the umpires ruin it today and send high school baseball back to the dark ages, so that no students attend games next year or maybe not even attend tonight. Lets let our students root for their team. Total bologna if they are going to even attempt to do this. It's fine to for students to stand behind the stands until tonights game. Are you serious? Check out the student crowd once this happens. The entire student section is scheduled to go to a concert tonight, but is blowing it off. Make the rule umpires and it's bad news for student support.
  2. 100% agree with you UCRN. Big Congrats to Jason! Waldo was a huge reason for the great success of Highlands passing offense this past season and he is a first class young man! This HHS family has never rooted for any team in the Hoosier state, but we will go out on a limb for the next 4 years and back the Engineers. No doubt Jason will be an impact player at Rose Hulman, a great fit for him. How exciting for Jason and his Dad! A fact about Rose Hulman is that Coach White recruits only young men that are not only talented on the football field, but only those who meet his high standards of having the right attitude and commitment to his team as a person. Big time success Waldo! Congrats my friend.
  3. Congrats to Spencer! This guy is a great athlete and will be a big time player at Mount Saint Joe.
  4. Congratulations to Goose and continued success! Thomas More has been ranked as a top 25 DIII school for the past three years. Playing for Coach Hilvert would be an honor for any player from northern Kentucky. Enjoy your college career.
  5. Ozzy is very close on deciding the school that he is going to attend, a huge lifetime decision. He along with his family, coaches, close friends, along with current and former players of college teams that he considered, have contributed a lot of time and thought into making a decision. I think Ozzy said it all, that most kids only have the opportunity to think about winning a state championship, but he and his teammates had the opportunity to live the dream for four years. Ozzy knows that his fellow teammates hard work and dedication extended him the opportunity that he now has. Ozzy is just a kid like every other football senior in America, making their best educated guess deciding on which college to attend for both education and football. For someone outside of the Highlands football program to compare Ozzy to a Highlands legendary player who also lived the dream really has absolutely no relevance. Who was the fastest kid means absolutely nothing. Collinsworth was Ozzy's mentor. Ozzy is the mentor to the player that will replace him on Highlands this coming season. That's what is relevant. If Ozzy's replacement runs faster than him next season and averages 40 yards per catch, he's smacking high fives with him! Ozzy is a humble kid. There won't be any drum rolls when he makes his decision. His true friends and members of the Highlands football community will be the first to know. Some will love the decision he makes, others will question it. However, only Ozzy has experienced his personal recruitment for the past two years and only he can make the decision that he feels will be right for him this year, next year, four years from now, and fifty years from now. Highlands will play football next season and Ozzy will play in college. I sure hope he runs fast!
  6. How exciting! Atta boy Devon, enjoy the ride (and your visit)!
  7. Will Pike play on defense this season? How many Dixie and Cov Cath players play on both sides of the ball?
  8. No problems with Larry here. Obviously, a man between a rock and a hard place. Isn't he afterall the sports editor of The Advocate Messenger, Danville's hometown newspaper, where he posted this article. If Larry were to pick Highlands, he gets run out of Central Kentucky. However, Larry appears to be smart enough not to post the article on his Vaughtsviews UK website that is "For All Things Big Blue" thus avoiding the possibility of starting a rebellion of the UK Big Blue Nation against him. Give the guy credit, he roots for his hometown boys and he writes articles to sell his newspaper. Nothing wrong with that.
  9. I hear ya. I was thinking of it as more a safety issue for players. I don't think anyone broadcast Gold's bad shoulder last year or a couple of guys that had bum ankles and played.
  10. Everybody is healthy. Why would anyone ever post a scouting report?
  11. Maybe a review of game films of the HHS vs. CovCath and JC would be a good start before making comparisons and inaccurate statements.
  12. What cracks me up is that this reminds me of the football quote that "all of the best coaches are in the stands".
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