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  1. Soccer, golf, field hockey, basketball, football, baseball, AND the education. Not trying to debate either Clyde, but I believe for the parents investment, the education their kids get ay CovCath is pretty good or they would not spend the money. Especially since most of the kids that graduate do not continue playing sports at the college level. As is in a public school. But, I will say, IMO, majority of the boys at CovCath play one sport or another.
  2. Why would Teegarden NOT pitch? He has excellent stuff. Am I missing something?
  3. When Zeke has time to throw, he's pretty accurate. He and Goose Cohorn spent 3 years working out together after practices running timing routes, and, many times Dustin Grutza was there working with them as well. Strong and accurate arm. Decision making? Questionable, mostly when pressured. He and Cohorn were a really good combination on the field together. Even on the run, he delivered the ball pretty well. He will only get better at Auburn with his decision making through top notch coaching and top recruit recievers. Goose Cohorn was just a warm up for what type of recievers he will thrw to at Auburn. Hopefully them recievers have Goose's hands!
  4. So now we have the winner and loser bracket set, when is the draw? Anybody?
  5. I first saw Tyler dunk a ball when he was in the sixth grade in an AAU gane in Florence. Two hands with ease, but he was really raw. He has come a long way over the years. I've heard that the younger Williams kid at Owen Co. is throwing down and has been for a couple years now. Carson Williams maybe? What are these kids eating these days?????
  6. From talking to him and his family, he's very happy with his decision and so is his family. Even if Goose was 6'4'' with a 40'' vertical and 4.5 speed, who knows what he's decision would have been. He had walk on oppertunities at some D1 schools, most of the NAIA scchools in Ky had offered, and many DII and DIII schols were interested also. Many times walk on"s either don't get much playing time or even much of an oppertunity, and give up after one year and end up coming home or transfering. It appears that Goose is going to continue his education after Thomas More. We in the Dixie community are proud and happy for him and his decision, as we are of all the seniors in NKY this past season who have the chance to continue playing football at the next level AND continuing their education, no matter what college they chose. Good luck Goose!
  7. He will be back with former teammate Bobby Leonard who transferred back in January from campbellsville.
  8. Goose Cohorn has committed to Thomas More College Thoughts?
  9. Roddy's doing a great job coaching these kids while Chevy's recovering. He actually gets his intensity from coach Don Mcfarland.
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