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Goose Cohorn Commits


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Congrats to Mr. Cohorn. I thought he was very good HS Football player. Showed moxy when he played. I think he will be a good fit at Thomas More. Not sure if it will be next year or sometime down the road, but I can see him being the key 3rd/possession receiver at TMC. He has a very good feel for finding the open spots in the zones, and has very good hands. May not be a Speed burner, but I think he will be a very solid player who will find a way to get on the field for the Saints.


He is the type of player that TMC excels with. He may not be quite big enough, or fast enough to play at the D1 or D2 levels, but works hard and simply knows how to play the game. I'm sure that Coach Hilvert is excited to have him in the fold!

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