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  1. No clue. However, if there are any kids part of the denominator, the population they come from would have to be part of the numerator. Or is it the other way around? :lol: Anyway you get the idea.
  2. If you do a per capita analysis wouldn't you have to include the entire population base that Beechwood draws kids from?
  3. I debated between going "transfer" or the "go Ryle and pull out the taser". Obviously I went the "transfer" path.
  4. No telling how many kids transfer to Beechwood now. :banana:
  5. No one can predict the future, but this group of kids for Beechwood are very special. There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle in that class.
  6. I think that frosh team was comprised of the just graduated seniors plus a few current seniors like Nussbaum.
  7. Under what circumstances could the Police use the taser? Can we assume the kid was threatening the police or can you just tase the kid for being an idiot. Personally I think more tasing would help todays youth. :banana:
  8. I am no expert, but my guess is she could have played D-1 in soccer too. She is a pretty special talent.
  9. The NCAA doesn't oversee commerce, they do oversee improper benefits and they look into things like tattoos, tickets, cars, jewlery, etc. all the time. You seem to be the only one shocked by this.
  10. They NCAA has switched courses several times. - Duke didn't know that Cory Magette had received improper benefits, but in that case the NCAA ruled that since Duke didn't know or have reason to know there would be no institutional punishment. - Memphis had no clue that Rose was ineligible, but they stripped Memphis of their final four. It will be interesting to see how they handle this.
  11. Other than Blessed Sacrament, does Beechwood consistently get catholic grade school kids from any other catholic school?
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