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  1. NDA's off season turmoil is a shame! With that being said, they will have the players to finally win another State title. But, that seems to be the case every year!
  2. Great thread! It would be fun for BGP if these 2 teams meet in the Regional tournament!
  3. I don't believe that this will happen. If it happens in World Cup Soccer, then maybe! Congrats to Tates Creek on the title and to the Pandas on an outstanding season!
  4. McSorley from NDA / big school "Coach of the year" Lost 7 senior starters after winning the State Championship and still wins the Region and are ranked #1 in the State. Gough from Brossart / small school "Coach of the year" Had a great season, play very good soccer and won their Region.
  5. Weak! Where was the post about the NDA / Brossart match???????
  6. The sport is boring?? A kid receives a soccer pass with their feet, turns and one touches it 30 yards down the field to a teammate who is in full stride and that's boring?? Some of the most exciting soccer matches that I have ever watched (and trust me, I have watched a lot of matches at all levels) have ended in 0/0 or 1/1 ties. The problem with the officiating is not limited to NKy. It's statewide. More club soccer officials should do high school games. Lots of high school refs have never played the game. Soccer is a difficult game to ref. Imagine reffing a football game with just a Center Ref and 2 AR's on the sidelines? It would be challenging. I believe that these folks are trying, they just don't know any better.
  7. Well done Pandas!! I agree with WhoozYoDaddy that Brossart will be a tough team to beat in the Regionals. IMO, with the change of Regions, they will be in the State tournament this year.
  8. What does the result of the match (the score) have to do whether the match was well played or not?? Just because your team does not win, does not mean it wasn't a great match to watch.
  9. Agree totally! There's no reason to ruin "the beautiful game"!!!
  10. Congrats to Olivia Voskuhl of Notre Dame Academy!!! She has verbally committed to continue her basketball career at Cleveland State! :dancingpa That's two Pandas headed to Cleveland next year (Angel for Volleyball).
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