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  1. My son just graduated from GT this past Saturday, he was recurited and played for Craig.I worked with his dad for 7 years and new Craig when he was 8 years old and was able to see the man he had become. I admired him and appreciated the role model he represented to my son. He is a man you just can't say enough good things about. He will be greatly missed. Prayers for his family.
  2. Craig is a very good man first and and good coach. My family will also be praying for him.
  3. AMEN, I was trying to respond to this, and you said it better than I could of. I've know the young man for years, does have a good heart. Hoping always for the best for him, pray he does get on the right path.
  4. I for one will not give up on him. Confident he will get through this, we all face bumps in the road, even one's we may bring on ourselves. We all fall down, what do we do to get up that counts.
  5. Ouf Family agrees 100%, you want your son to get good developing skills and basketball knowledge, send him to Todd, not a surgar coat issue man, you know where you stand as a persson and a player. He will get the best out of the player and if your not giving him the effort he is giving you , well your going to know it, and if a parent wants to confront him about their son, your going to hear the truth, no politics. Todd can stand alone on his coaching record, especially at Boone and his Jv teams since he has been their coach. Thaman needs to quit trying to carry her son, let him earn his playing time, good lesson in life, mommy and daddy won't be there when your competing for a job in the real world to support your wife and family. Hope to not sound over the top, but this parents carring their son through spots up to the high school level then the son finds out what real competion is for playing time and caan't keep up, then parents decided to get on the coach for it is unacceptable. Unfortunate that Todd is put in this spot because a Boone administrator decides to use what influence she thinks she has to hopefully find her son playing time next year. Do your principal job and let Todd do the job he was given to do by Boone County. You have the right to move your son to any other Boone school because of your positon of working in th Boone system, better you do that than to hurt the Boone basketball team for the future for your own wants.
  6. With you 100%. He will be succesfull.
  7. Agreed, coach Thompson can't play for them, for the most part I would say in NKY, at least 75% or even more go through years when the talent level isn't there, I know each year some one is alwys wanting coach Thompson let go, but each year he is still there, why, the administration seems to back him. I know the haters are going to get all over this, but there is a bright future in the coming years.
  8. Good football player, worked hard own his own in the off seasons to become the player he was at Dixie. Congrats
  9. I agree with you 100%. I bet there area lot of kids and parents that would like to see their son's in a game of this stature. there is a lot of pressure on Zeke to perform and do what it takes to be an Auburn QB. I wish him and his family only the best, just the beginning of a long road. Zeke will be ok.
  10. Last year my son played the the bowl game and had a pretty significant injury, Jim Reed was very helpful in all the issues that arose with my son all the way through his rehab. He is a compasonite and thoughtful man, stayed in contact with our family through his rehab. Runs a very good bowl game.
  11. I agree 100% Clyde. When it comes down to winning the state semi final game you can't be counting on a blocked punt or an Int to win the game for you. You have to be able to pull out all your weapons when it's time to get a score. Scott Con isnt going to allow a blocked punt on the ten yard line. Competition they will see this Friday will be different then they have seen all year.
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