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  1. No handshake??? Did he learn that from the basketball team?
  2. How many seasons do I get???? :laugh:
  3. Back off on being so critical of Reggie. The TEENAGER just buried his father in the past week.... ya think he might have a few things on his mind??? Now as to the really stupid penalties and poor special teams play.... it's open season.
  4. If they play Trinity wins 28-13... but I hear there is a "purge" set for Louisville and both teams are afraid to travel.....
  5. Fairdale was not a good prep game for CM......
  6. I don't think I'm too far off base by saying the Rocks are but a stupid penalty and a couple plays away from being ranked #1 in the nation...
  7. Is this the d-lineman the DeSales center owned? Didn't DeSales beat them? I may be mistaken.
  8. BOOM.... BOOM...... Encouragement!!! No, Yes???
  9. Glad to see they are playing even with purged weather in the forecast!
  10. What am I going to do with all these "6-0 in the Bahamas" t-shirts???? Ha ha ha!
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