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  1. No handshake??? Did he learn that from the basketball team?
  2. How many seasons do I get???? :laugh:
  3. Back off on being so critical of Reggie. The TEENAGER just buried his father in the past week.... ya think he might have a few things on his mind??? Now as to the really stupid penalties and poor special teams play.... it's open season.
  4. If they play Trinity wins 28-13... but I hear there is a "purge" set for Louisville and both teams are afraid to travel.....
  5. Fairdale was not a good prep game for CM......
  6. I don't think I'm too far off base by saying the Rocks are but a stupid penalty and a couple plays away from being ranked #1 in the nation...
  7. Is this the d-lineman the DeSales center owned? Didn't DeSales beat them? I may be mistaken.
  8. BOOM.... BOOM...... Encouragement!!! No, Yes???
  9. Glad to see they are playing even with purged weather in the forecast!
  10. What am I going to do with all these "6-0 in the Bahamas" t-shirts???? Ha ha ha!
  11. It's a long season... better pace myself. However when a team gives you something like that to work with in the pre season I admit it's hard to contain the giggles. :woot:
  12. Where is the game being played? If at Collins that's pretty close to the danger zone. Will SK show?
  13. I am glad the scrimmage was able to go down today... I had heard a report from the SK equipment room that they didn't have enough balls.
  14. Absolute joke..... St. X, one of the top 1-2 safest campuses in town (even if there was a threat) and SK bows out. They should be ashamed. If I was Will I'd tell SK to take their ovaries elsewhere for a scrimmage.
  15. Agree 100% that Scott is the cream of all the crop this year, but the crop wasn't very creamy was it?
  16. Thank you! Dawg41 feel free to relay the message. Xecute, Happy Thanksgiving to you too.
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