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  1. I was told by one of the board members that Josh Mullin is being talked up as the next coach. There are two problems here: 1: he is a trinity grad and 2: he probably would not take it. Also, I think Bart may be the best choice overall due to his previous experience.
  2. the big question is; When will Glaser be back coaching the tigers?
  3. I hope they don't burn out Kyle Hennis. I hear he is playing slot; safety; punter; kicker and also returning those. They do have about 60 on the team and not too many more on the varsity.
  4. I have heard Roshkowski; maybe their best player may not be ready to play till some time in October due to an ACL recovery. Also heard the QB who committed to Cincy will be suspended a couple of games due to a disciplinary situation. Anyone know any details?
  5. First of all, I feel for McKim. He is a great player and I hope he gets a chance at the next level. About the chants; all schools do it and the kids at X and T know each other so well they are always trying to get the other guy when they can. Klein has not done any better at X than Joe Bergamini did and his firing was a complete farce; just like Mike Glaser. Klein's strategy was flawed; you should never limit your offense to one guy, but it almost worked. Fortunately, he failed. Szabo is a far superior coach.
  6. Trinity was out-coached last nite. Several really questionable play calls including not going for the win when all they needed was 1.5 yards. Coach Beatty lost this game.
  7. two comments about the game and the rivalry: 1. is it time for coach W to step down? He has had 3 years and still has not really learned a lot. 2. Without 3 amazing pass plays it very well could have been 0-0 at halftime. bonus: the X "no-huddle" offense does not move the game as fast as Trinity's where they huddle after every play.
  8. I know coaches on both teams and they all want the game to be played at Trinity this year. It would be crowded, but it would be an awesome atmosphere. It is the administration at both schools that don't want to fool with it.
  9. I don't see where this has been started so I will do it: I look at this years teams and it looks similar to last year where Trinity came in as the favorite and St X won. I think Trinity came in with the big head last year and played a terrible game. I look for them to play much better this year and win a close one.
  10. Unfortunately last years team never had the heart and hard-nosed effort it takes to win big games. Raymond could not handle any physical play at all from anyone much smaller that him. I really like this years team coming up. These guys have played really well together on offense and defense. The won loss record may not be great, but they will be a team that will not quit and shy away from anyone.
  11. Jeff Brohm, Brian Brohm and James Quick @ Trinity. All 3 made plays when you just did not think the play could be made.
  12. the word I hear from the powers that be at Trinity is the vast majority of the parents are very happy with the drug testing program and the enrollment has not been affected at all. 75 kids, give or take 10 kids has always been the # for the freshman team as long as I can remember and that goes back to the 70's.
  13. The no huddle offense takes some getting used to so I would not be surprised if X has some growing pains getting used to it. Hopefully for their sake they can get comfortable with it before it hurts them. I hear the kids like the offense and the coach so that is half the battle.
  14. I have been told the offense will be more of a quick hitting running attack in an attempt to set up some passing plays. They will still run more that they will pass, but will have the offense based on fewer sets with slight variations off of those sets to keep the defense off balance.
  15. should I mention their O-Line coach is leaving? Ha! Not April Fool joke. Will should just take over coaching that position since his past NFL people have done so well for him!!
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