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  1. I assume you are talking about a residential VPN? I have not made the jump yet but have spent some time looking into them on a couple occasions. If I was to start now, I would probably go with either ExpressVPN or NordVPN. I would give ExpressVPN the nod though.
  2. Awesome atmosphere for this game. Congrats to the Tigers for a great year, but I have to admit I am happy as heck that the Colonels won the game that mattered. Good luck against Scott County on Thursday.
  3. Thanks for the info. I figured it was dunks or layups to shoot 85% for a half. I am actually happy that this was not a dunkfest as that tells me that they were more than likely working the ball for layups, and not break away dunks. Dunks are exciting but, working for the easy shot is good team game.
  4. I was not at the game but I saw where the Colonels shot 85% in the first half from the field. Have to assume there were a number of dunks to hit that number, and few 3 point attempts. Anyone who was there have an idea?
  5. It looks like Coach Ruthsatz recognized there was an issue with Cov Cath's offense, and made an adjsutment. Was not there for this game to see how it worked, but sounds like it may have. Link to Article: CovCath basketball team’s new offensive approach works well in 57-4 win over Newport | NKyTribune A few days before Christmas, the Covington Catholic boys basketball team went across the river to play nationally ranked Cincinnati Moeller and lost by a whopping 20-point margin. CovCath coach Scott Ruthsatz said he revamped his offensive approach after that to put his players in a position to be more successful and the Colonels opened the new year with an impressive 57-40 win at Newport on Wednesday night.
  6. Ventured down to Makers Mark today to buy some bottles from my ambassador barrell that matured. Sons and I went on the Legacy tour. It was given by Bill Samuels himself. He spent over 3 hours talking to our group on history of the family, of the bourbon industry, their competitors and friends, Ky history, and even the civil war! What a learning experience it was. Having Bill lead us and discuss the samples was a real delight as well. I have been on a couple of their other tours before, but I highly recommend the legacy one. We were a little nervous as it was scheduled for two hours, and the check in guy told us it could be anywhere from 1.5 to 3.5 depending on how much Bill talked. It was well worth the three hours and 20 minutes.
  7. 7 - Atlanta 5 - Baltimore 3 - Minnesota 2 - Buffalo 1 - Tennessee TB - Baltimore
  8. 7 - NY Jets 5 - Oakland 3 - Atlanta 2 - Seattle 1 - Houston TB - Atlanta
  9. 7 - Tennessee 5 - Buffalo 3 - Dallas 2 - Oakland 1 - New England TB - Tennessee
  10. And what does everyone on here say as well 'Frosh and JV success does not always translate to success at the Varsity level' Anyway, regardless how you feel, this team will need some time to play together and gel IMO. None of these guys were the scorers on Varsity last year. I doubt Coach ever drew up a play for any of them to be the number 1 option last year. He also needs time I would think to adjust to that as well as learning his lineup. Also, I do agree with you somewhat one your last point. How many guys on this team have College BBall offers? I believe the number is only 1. These guys are good High school players but to say that they are loaded with top level high school talent is simply not fair. I do think though that by the end of the year the team is capable of playing with the top teams in the region and state.
  11. No surprise to me that the Colonels are struggling early in the season. Look at what they lost from last year? One should expect it to take a bit to get in the groove. While the PG got some PT last year, this year his playing time and responsibility is so much more. He is replacing a multi year starter. Same for the other guys. Most of these guys saw the vast majority of their time in slop time. It will take some time for them to grow, and learn to play together. Talking to an assistant coach a month or so ago, he told me the exact same thing. He told me that they will most likely struggle a bit early but towards the end of the season they expect them to be right there at the top of the region.
  12. 7 - Cleveland 5 - LA Rams 3 - Arizona 2 - Dallas 1 - Washington TB - Dallas
  13. I too would like to change mine: 7 - Indianapolis 5 - Carolina 3 - Pittsburgh 2 - Chicago 1 - Atlanta TB - Carolina
  14. 7 - Indianapolis 5 - Carolina 3 - LA Chargers 2 - Chicago 1 - Atlanta TB - Carolina
  15. 7 - Jacksonville 5 - Pittsburgh 3 - Carolina 2 - Cincinnati 1 - Green Bay TB - Carolina
  16. I agree 1000% that the dude should spend some time in the pokey, and have no clue what would posess someone to do what he did. But, I have to admit I am also surprised and disappointed that that the teammates of the guy who was struck did not react. How is that possible?
  17. 7 - Tampa Bay 5 - Chicago 3 - Indianapolis 2 - Washington 1 - LA Rams TB - Tampa Bay
  18. 12/07 with 'old name' and switched to this one Feb 09. Honestly does not seem like it has been that long.
  19. 7 - Tampa Bay 5 - San Francisco 3 - Cleveland 2 - New Orleans 1 - Indianapolis TB - New Orleans
  20. 7 - Washington 5 - Denver 3 - Seattle 2 - Baltimore 1 - New Orleans TB - Denver
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