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  1. Why hire someone who cant win games? Go for the best coach, regardless of where they are from.
  2. Six d1 guys. Also have a sophomore right tackle 6'5 300. Crazy to have 2 d1 offensive tackles in one team in Ky.
  3. From what i have heard is Scruggs is staying at Holmes to play with his family members who will be seniors. If he was to transfer it would be after this season.
  4. No team has played a down and you are predicting a score? Do you have a crystal ball or are you a descendant of the Mayans?
  5. Patriots cant attack outside the numbers and limit their chances. Chad makes Aaron ross look bad on his only reception then kick him out of the rest of the game. Makes no sense to me I wanted the Giants to win but really come on man and Eli did out play Brady cause Brady had the one turnover under throwing Gronk. Eli was throwing dimes tonight.
  6. Jalin Marshall Ohios top 2013 prospect has just commited to the Buckeyes!
  7. I say it depends on your financial situation if you can afford to pay to go to a big time school and play against the best then why not? Who knows he could earn a scholly while hes there? On the other hand take the scholarship offer and get a free education. Lets not forget scholarships are nit guaranteed for all four years.
  8. If you look at the offers of some of the commits you might just notice some SEC offers....
  9. I wonder what Stephen A Smith is going to say now?
  10. 0-10 Last years Arkansas win was vacated...
  11. Mcl takes about a month to two months with a complete tear, it heals itself but with the acl might as well patch it up while fixing the acl. I'll be surprised if he misses all of 2012 with the acl the likes of Wes Welker coming back with no problem running and cutting.
  12. If it is Scruggs Koz has got to be happy! Scruggs and Beal in the same backfield I'd love to see a faster duo then them two.
  13. Wins the south region over Richardson, the way he handles himself should be an example for any student athlete! I loved the superman socks with the cape!
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