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  1. Or it could just be a large military exercise in the Southwest US since the terrain is very similar to the terrain they have been fighting in for the past 30 years.
  2. Excellent choice, best of luck to coach McKillip!
  3. I thought the same thing, but I guess America would rather watch young twenty something’s in bikinis rather than 40+ with beer bellies such as me. Can’t say that I blame them though.
  4. Amazing how some first hand knowledge and common since improves the list. :thumb:
  5. Mayfield, Central, Beechwood, Fort Campbell, Danville, Belfry, and Paducah Tilgman should all be on the list before some that are listed. Did they use the BCS computers to figure this out?
  6. If both Williams and Luke return they should have a good core to build their offense around, but I’m curious to see how the coaching changes affect the offensive schemes the Falcons have ran the past decade. Starting off the season with Mayfield should give us a good indication of where the Falcon's are. The force reductions aren’t supposed to happen until 2017, so any impact won’t occur for a few years.
  7. Wow, what a shock to see this. My deepest condolences to Joey’s family and friends. After joining BGP as a fan of Fort Campbell Westsider schooled me real quickly on a few of my facts and I came to have great respect for his opinion and posts. RIP Joey, you will be sorely missed.
  8. Agree. The prospect of earning below median income while being judged on standardized test scores from students who many of which have little to no parenting at home is not an occupation that rates high on the list. Regardless of the pay, if academics and discipline isn’t stressed at home, then there’s going to be problems in our schools, particularly our public schools. I looked into becoming a teacher a few years ago when I was contemplating what to do after the military. The pay was 25% - 50% less than what I could make with other opportunities and the two teachers I talked to said don’t do it. My wife drives a school bus and the behavior she puts up with on a daily basis is awful.
  9. I think it has a lot more to do with the cultural and societal focus on education and resources than it does Ethnicity.
  10. I really enjoyed this episode of 30 for 30. It is ironic that the 84 NC State team lost in the first round of the NIT, the last defending champion team to do so until this year.
  11. I hate to hear this, but I wish all the best to Coach Berner and his family.
  12. Is there a local radio broadcast of the game? If so, please send tune in info.
  13. 5 Harlan County 3 PRP 3 NCC 1 John Hardin 1 Monroe County 1 Warren East 1 Bourbon County 1 Mayfield 1 DeSales 1 Hazard TB 52
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