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  1. Speaking from our area, we had numerous people/students out sick in the late fall/early winter time period that: 1. Didn't have Flu A 2. Didn't have Flu B 3. Didn't have Strep 4. Told they had "something viral" Some stayed home for a little while, came back, and then had to go back to the doctor for same symptoms. Others were out for much longer. Our school system shut down multiple times before we ever heard of COVID-19. This is my 17th year teaching. I had never seen anything like it before. Then this mysterious Coronavirus just shows up...
  2. Anybody else think we've been around it for longer than just since March??? California found it in February... Now Ohio has found it in January... Antibody testing reveals COVID-19 has been in Ohio since January, health officials say
  3. Here are a couple pics I took today. Last home game was November 15.
  4. We tried a splash of red on the game field with our navy this year. It still looks pretty good. I was worried it would turn pink... But still showing red now. If I can remember, I'll take a pic when I head back to school. Also, like you, we used one long red line down our practice field on each side representing the top of the numbers. I've seen schools use that as the "divider" for their secondary in terms of alignment. We used ours to let our kids know where the numbers were.
  5. Coach, Try spraying those lines with a darker color. It will stay on that bermuda for a long, long time. Back around 2009 or 2010, we started painting our game field for any home playoff game in our dark navy. Looked good all winter and early spring.
  6. I like it Coach! We went to Thursday mornings in 2011 through my last year in 2015. For much of the same reasons you talked about. We just seemed so much fresher on Friday. Practicing early allowed our coaching staff a day off after school also. I had one assistant who seemed to be sick a few times on Thursday after our morning practice and magically got to feeling better on the lake fishing... Depending on the team and what your practice plans look like, (Mondays/Saturdays), I could see doing two mornings on occasion. --Kyle Pierce--
  7. ATL Cat, Did the WR step out of bounds before he caught it? It was definitely a catch but maybe it was an illegal one. If so, the official made the wrong signal but in the end was the correct ending result...
  8. It's been a few years since I was coaching Guru, but last time I remember if neither team could agree on game time, it was set at either 7:00 or 7:30.
  9. Game time is up to the two schools. My sophomore year, we played a state-semifinal game around 2:00/3:00 pm...
  10. Guru, Not sure I'm following you on your article on how that relates to playing a football game in mud vs. a good surface. Care to explain? As long as both teams are playing in the same conditions, you play it. Just like if it's raining or snowing or sleeting... you play it. Life isn't always fair. No cookie-cutter life out there for everyone of us. You're forced to adapt to conditions. If that means a cow-pasture type team has to go play in the big city on a turf field, deal with it. If that means a city team has to go play in the sticks on a muddy, grass field, deal with it. A muddy field will not increase severe injury risk. If anything, it would decrease it.
  11. I may be wrong, but did they take the teams that are moving a class and just plug whatever district number they were in? Edmonson County for instance was in Class AAA District 2. It has them now in Class AA, District 2. That district already has 5 teams. District 3, however, now only has 3 teams in it with Glasgow leaving. I assume EC will be in District 3. Maybe Clinton County rejoins district play to give it a 5 team district.
  12. Although there will no doubt be "leaked" versions... I'd say March/April time period we will see the rough draft. Finalized before summer.
  13. Obviously too early to speculate... but will there be any schools that will change in class due to enrollment increase/decrease? There were some very good teams that were on the border last time.
  14. Goal by Farmer.... A three point goal by Richie Farmer... his 4th.. three point goal...
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