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  1. McDonald shouldn't be in the conversation...
  2. Prayers to Corey, Elliott and the entire Holbrook family.
  3. I was saying no no don't hold it for the last shot. Too much time for a turn over, play the game hold it for a last shot with 30 seconds or less maybe. I with the flow of the game and the amount of turnovers CC team has already given up, I believe you attack try to get to rim being patient don't force a bad shot. Then you make it or get fouled. Any lead at all at the end and reverse the pressure on JC. Great effort by both teams and both should be proud. I believe anyone watching this game was thinking the same thing. JC pressure was giving CC fits.
  4. The fact he should reach 2,000 career points and a 2 year All-American says a lot about him!
  5. Come on Spindoc the Camels were turning the ball over all night! Why in the world did you think they could hold it for over a min at the end? Everyone saw that coming that watched the game. I do agree it is a good strategy for most games but not in that game with the way things were going.
  6. Campbell County lead the whole game! Questionable move holding the ball for a last shot with over a min to play? Of course if they hold it and hit the last shot he is a genius. Hind site is 20/20 but I was calling it out once it was apparent they where holding for the last shot. Too much for a nervous team turning the ball over (IMO) Great game, great year Camels!
  7. I think both team were nervous starting out leading to poor shooting %! It should pick up the second half. JC missed at least 3 wide open layups. Camels look strong!
  8. Northern Kentucky Kid Makes College "ALL AMERICAN" !!!! On his way to 2,000 College Career Points. Indiana University East Athletics - All-American! Fangman among NAIA basketball's best Great Kid!
  9. http://www.pal-item.com/article/20111113/SPORTS/111130323
  10. Should have been there Fangman put on a shooting exhibition!
  11. http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20110622/SPT0302/106230345/West-s-Fangman-lets-fly?odyssey=nav|head This article has much of the games highlights in it.
  12. I think it did... I don't think coaches had any say in this list!
  13. Nothing will change in Bellevue as long as idiot parents back up bad decisions by their kids. Beau is better off not sure the kids of Bellevue are?
  14. First of all congrats to all that were named! Leaving Tyler Fangman off the 1st team list is a joke!
  15. Those are all from good teams but the best all around player Fangman has to be mentioned here!
  16. Not sure what game you were watching but Gray was on Fangman all night. Only thing that slowed Fangman was fatigue and a spained ankle!
  17. This had nothing to do with Holmes defense! Coach Schmate and the tigers came to play! Chase Maus was on fire to start the game and ended up with 18 points. Fangman was hitting shots with Grey in his face all night! Beechwood played its best game of the year!
  18. Congrats to Drew Baker great young man! I knew he was a great player over the summer! Great player, person and family! Good luck the rest of the way!
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