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  1. Has nothing to do with making excuses. If you watched his interview he stated that St. X was better. He basically was saying that those programs at the private school level were better than Scott County over his tenure there, which is true. Jim McKee is a great coach and has done something rare in today's world, that is stay at one place for an extended time. Scott County is one of the best programs year in and year out in the state of Kentucky. They are playing high level competition and no one is making excuses. I agree with chiefsmoke, he was just stating facts. That is the standard you have to meet to win it in 6A football, so I am sure he will go back to work and get the team ready for next year.
  2. Josh does a lot of the little things that sometimes get overlooked. He is a relentless worker. Pretty good in the weight room as well. He benches 300 lbs. Power cleans 250, pretty impressive for a 170 lb. QB. In McKee's system he has done the things necessary to help the Cards win and is a great leader. Being a 3 sport athlete makes him even more valuable in my opinion. He was on their 4x100 and 4x200 team that set new school records last year and is their top 400 runner. He has also been on the basketball team along with wide receiver Glenn Covington and safety Cooper Robb. All are big parts in the success of Scott County football and the fact that they are 3 sport athletes in todays world is awesome. I agree that Josh has the talent to play at the FCS level and we will see what happens as his senior year comes to a conclusion but no matter where he ends up, one thing is for sure, he has had a stellar athletic experience at Scott County. Best of luck to the Cards the rest of the way.
  3. Sorry but this was not against Scott County JV. It was Scott County freshman vs. Douglas JV.
  4. They lose all 5 starting offensive linemen and the star QB. I believe they lose all 4 starting Defensive linemen as well. Shaw and Blake are good, but football is won upfront. How do they replace so many big time players and reproduce the success over the last two years or do they take a step back rebuilding this year?
  5. They have a transfer coming in from Air Force that will be an impact at the QB position.
  6. He also holds an offer from Kent State. they were one of his first.
  7. Scott County football takes off the entire month of June so the kids don't have to choose and can take a break, go to camps and be ready to make the long run come July. TOO MUCH EMPHASIS IS PUT ON JUNE PRACTICE. I mean most just had spring ball end. Scott County will open the weight room up some for those that want to lift but that is it as far as June goes.
  8. So standing up for your kids is not important anymore. What a shame, IMO, disgraceful on part of this school system.
  9. Very well put. A lot has went into this day and a ton of sacrifices by many to make this possible. Congrats to all kids fortunate enough to continue playing at the next level, no matter the level it is a huge accomplishment.
  10. Scott County's weight program is top notch. Strength, agility and speed all focused in proper phases. Kids are some of the strongest out there. Trinity does an amazing job with their program as well.
  11. Love this Coach, very creative and fundamental to the game.
  12. Congrats to this young man, very well deserved. Some great candidates and it sounds like this young man is a top notch individual. I think that Walker Wood would have been my choice, but it sounds like we got a great one in Jamale, best of luck to him at Navy, big honor.
  13. AS long as the baseball coach is in place, you will not see too many baseball players playing football. Been that way with him for years.
  14. I don't think they are a year or two away, once the football players get fully acclimated they will be fine. 5 of their top 10 are football players. I think that Moreno was the best kid on the floor but the Johnson kid is nice. Shots did not fall for Scott Co. Billy will bring it all together and their schedule will prepare them to make their run 10 weeks from now. Long time to go and I am confident they will be read come crunch time. Nice win by the Knights.
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