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  1. It could be because the entire region is out to get them for the past 4 seasons of blow outs and running up the score. Timmy Knipp is a good player, but not even close to the best player in the state.
  2. Isn't that always the question with the Beechwood program? Shumate is working on turning that around though.
  3. Congrats and good luck. Rick Pitino loves point guards and he got a good one.
  4. I believe that Gabbard will be the xfactor of this region. Holmes will have a tough time guarding him IMO, Boone vs Holmes will be a very good game and I can't wait for it. Anyone else ready for the games to get started?
  5. Sandman has always been bias against Beechwood basketball so this comes as no suprise. Not to mention he has always been a strong supporter of Sorrell. While I think Sorrell is a very good player and think that he is one of the better players in the last few years, Romes was a far better high school player and could play at NKU. Romes was recruited by Wright State and I believe got offered to walk on at Morehead but turned those down to stay close to home. I don't think people know how good Romes really is, but Romes is a very very good basketball player and to say Sorrell is better is just false.
  6. I agree, Villa won't be a push over, but it all comes back to if Bryan can keep scoring. He is a great scorer, but if he has an off night, the Blue Lightning probably will too.
  7. Hegge will. Not sure at all about Mike Young.
  8. Beechwood should be an interesting team to watch, if Nussbaum plays freshman that is.
  9. It won't be easy, but I don't see how Holmes won't win. Rico and company are ready for state title number two and Henley will have them focused.
  10. Dayton will be a good team, but they have to keep their heads. I know that Eastin is a bit of a head-case, but he is a good player. Dayton will be a tough team to beat because they can shoot the ball very well.
  11. I'm pretty sure Calvary lost either 4 or 5 of their main 7. So unless they had an outstanding JV team, it's not looking likely.
  12. I'll agree, he is the most important player on the floor each night, if he doesn't score then his team doesn't. Also it seems that the coaches like when players score a lot for this award.
  13. Who do you all think will win the POY? We know it won't be a Beechwood player because they don't seem to win awards in this division. I believe that Bryan is a large favorite, but Pohlgeers and Eastin are good players.
  14. With someone this size Villa could be more a threat in their district. They'll play zone so if one of the teams has a bad shooting night then who knows what can happen.
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