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  1. Second year they have done this, it was great fun for those who played in it for sure.
  2. Turners was the best to learn fundamentals back in the day, is ti still?
  3. I think 4 was Campbell County, not sure. I believe HC beat Boone in the First round
  4. So is Holmes now the 4 seed and plays Holy Cross?
  5. PANDA is a great man, my son played for him over 10 years ago. He is a better person than photog.
  6. He bought this house in Edgewood in September for near $600,000. http://kcor.org/cgi-bin/f2143092.jpg
  7. If it was handed out, the reaction from many would be... so I have a chance.
  8. Thin crust is amazing at Doughboys in Hilton Head, best on the island
  9. Great event, the Special Olympics Athletes really enjoyed the trip on the field. Thanks.
  10. Some customers with lines of credit have been negatively impacted by this merger months ago, it seems that BB&T has much tighter lending standards than BOK.
  11. Tiberi Lifts Cardinals to Walk-Off Win Over Wildcats - GoCards.com | Official Website of University of Louisville Athletics Blake with the Walk off against UK last month.
  12. Happens all the time 3 good recent solds in your area with a little analysis should do it. Could be getting late in the year depending on the county you are in to get this done
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