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  1. Terry would be my choice also. He was the JV Head Coach prior to moving to Varsity Asst. Terry knows the game, relates well with the kids and any one who knows him knows how he feels about the school and the programs. He would be a great choice to lead this program going forward.
  2. Have a good broadcast. Hopefully, I will get back on the air with you soon.
  3. Big night for the Macke family. Congrats!!! Their daughter also registered her first varsity points!!
  4. Just wanted to take a moment to thank paNDA and his brother for all the photos they take at the many games they attend. They go above and beyond for the teams and families. They always get shots of every kid that enters the game. Just the other day at the Holy Cross/Bellevue game, Holy Cross had 3 kids that scored their first varsity points and they captured it in a photo. That it really cool for the kids and families. Just really wanted to say thanks to both paNDA and his brother and let them know they what they do is greatly appreciated and to sincerely thank them.
  5. Just listened to the game. Was really bummed that I was not available to broadcast the game with Terry. I would like to thank Dave Bezold for stepping in for me as I was at Beechwood with the HC Girls team. Dave and Terry did a great job last night. Sounded like an unbelievable atmosphere in the Finn.
  6. Looking forward to seeing this one from the best seats in the house. Should be a good one
  7. First home game for the Indians after 3 straight away from home. Looking forward to an exciting night of HS Hoops.
  8. HC has played 4 games this year and no other 8th graders have been on the bench. That is a fact
  9. I can 100% confirm that there is only one 8th grader on the varsity bench for HC and that is Chames. No other 8th graders sit varsity
  10. The kids on the HC JV are really coming together as a team. There are no Varsity players playing down. Some of the JV players are going up to varsity here and there but the recent success is based on the JV players. The kids are really enjoying playing right now and it is fun to watch. Pitchers are throwing strikes, fielders are making plays, and they are swinging at good pitches (Baseball can really be that simple).
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