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  1. Sometimes subbing patterns keep the other team in the game.
  2. If Scwartz gets offers from Ky then she would definitely be high major D1. I do stand corrected on NKU if she has an offer there as I didn't realize that NKU was in the Horizon league which is considered a mid major D1 league now.
  3. I didn't say that Scherr wasn't high major D1 quality. I understand she has very nice offers. I questioned the poster stating they had 2 mid to high major D1 players.
  4. I guess you need to define what you think is mid major D1. High major D1 is UConn, Notre Dame, etc. NKU is not mid major D1.
  5. So you're saying that Ryle has 2 mid to high major D1 players? I think that might be a bit of a reach.
  6. Big district win for Conner that lets them take control of the district seeding at 2-0. Heard the final score shouldn't have been this close and that Conner continued to struggle with lots of turnovers, bad shooting and especially poor free throw shooting. Also heard that substitution patterns were suspect again.
  7. Looks like another really nice collection of teams. Should give us a good picture of what the state looks like unless all the out-of-state teams win. Does anyone have any info on the out-of-state teams? KING OF THE BLUEGRASS
  8. I hope that Conner can bounce back after the loss to Highlands but they have serious issues. They don't have a true point guard to get them into an offensive flow and quite honestly someone said it in the Highlands thread their offense looks like schoolyard play. They try to run dribble drive which usually ends up with someone chucking up a bad low percentage shot. If they are to be successful against Ryle they will have to turn them over with the press and make a resepectable percentage of their 3s and somehow find a way to make free throws. As RCC9 said they have a lot of good young talent but need some leadership to come from somewhere and I don't know where that could be. Maybe they just need to play some more good teams to find that out but helter skelter is not the answer. They need to play more under control on offense and when the other team gets the ball down against the press they need to buckle down and lock them down defensively and not give up easy shots and rebound misses.
  9. What is the boarder bowl? Do they see who can find the best place to live?
  10. How is it that you have a 7 footer who plays 24 minutes and gets 5 rebounds. As Sir Charles has been known to tell you "if you're 7 ft tall you should get double digit rebounds every night on accident".
  11. Was told that Conner missed a great number of wide open layups, had a lot of unforced turnovers and missed free throws again. Stamm needs to start holding players accountable who aren't producing and playing out of control. When girls aren't getting the job done they shouldn't be on the floor.
  12. Highlands is at Conner tonight. Conner undefeated in this short season at 5-0 comes off a close win over district rival Cooper, a game in which they turned the ball over a lot, shot poorly but held on to win. Who wins this game and why?
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