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  1. I can't wait to watch Highlands play - it sounds like they have a lot of important pieces to a championship puzzle. It's usually the case that the team with the best guard play has the best chance to win the most important games. I think that principle is even more magnified this year - there are many good but fewer GREAT players in the 9th this year - so taking care of the ball and creating good opportunities for team offense will separate contenders.
  2. Given their performance to date, and the fact they are playing at home, Highlands has to be the favorite. St. Henry has a good group - they are young and will improve through the season. I really like Westerbeck, Vieth, and Bessler - 3 very good players. They play very hard. I'm not sure they can score consistently enough over 4 quarters to win this one.
  3. Long drive to Sharp - getting to leave early isn't necessarily a bad thing... I hope your team won - that makes the trip and the hassle worthwhile.
  4. It's early in the season - let's see how this plays out.
  5. The Cov Cath teams of the past 3-4 years have scored easily thanks to outstanding guard play - which included players who could create/make their own shots. Many of the current starters played complementary roles and scored primarily off sets/hustle plays/putbacks. It remains to be seen whether this team has the players to create their own offense - both in skill set and decision-making. While the team is gelling, opponents are scouting and evaluating players' strengths and weaknesses. It's a race - and ultimately talent will be the primary differentiator when it comes tournament time and the season shifts to a one-loss-and-you're-done format. My take - I'd go behind screens, give different zone looks, and make everybody prove they can consistently put the ball on the floor/knock down contested shots. Pretty basic - but at the same time - you let their bigs start playing downhill and it turns into a dunking/chest-bumping frenzy.
  6. The Highlands 8th grade team is very good - a lot of talent in that group. They are fun to watch.
  7. Scott will make you play that way - a very tough, hard-nosed team that will compete for 32(+) minutes.
  8. This is really helpful information. Turning/ducking generally results in a foul call - the more common practice seems to be "covering up," which probably should be spelled out more clearly in the rules as every time I see it, it strikes me as difficult to guard someone with both of your hands covering your crotch.
  9. I appreciate updates on all NK middle school games - a good # of the parochials don't play in the NKMSAA so it's nice to hear about those teams and players. Frankly I'd like to make it out to see some of those teams play.
  10. Rankin is a senior and is definitely one of the top 10 players in the region. Personally I think he is underrated on this board. He would start for any team in the 9th region. Great player and kid who stayed home, which makes me respect him that much more.
  11. Cincinnati offering a trade for Jackson would be the greatest mistake Cincinnati could make - which is why I think there is a real chance it happens.
  12. Player B decided not to transfer and was suspended anyway. Which goes to say - you really CAN make this stuff up.
  13. AJ could really help CCH against full court pressure. I'm a big fan of Fleek, but the "QB" in AJ makes him a valuable, full court player. I think CCH will see pressure until they show they can consistently hurt it. I'm disappointed that Lenihan quit - I think he really would have helped the team and would have been part of something special this year. All this said - so much great basketball being played so early in the season...
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