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  1. It gave me my life back, after college like most people I struggled with weight, put on the zebra stripes and was pretty good at it, became motivated to advance to calling college football, lost weight feel better and look better. Owe all that to Friday night lights.
  2. May be shocked Williamsburg has only allowed 2 touchdowns against their varsity, both were scored by Middlesboro. The other games the varsity defense has shut everyone out. They lead Leslie 44-0 and Frankfort 48-0 before surrounding scores. I don't believe Williamsburg will win, but they are not going to get beat 42-7.
  3. Williamsburg lead Leslie County 44-0 and Frankfort 48-0 before either of those teams scored on them. They also lead Middlesboro 47-14 before Middlesboro punched in a couple of late scores.
  4. They are giving up less than 12 points a game and a lot of the points scored on them this season have been scored after the starters are pulled. Williamsburg is well rested, they are not as tested as Somerset at this point, but I don't see anyone blowing Williamsburg out this year. I'm not sure they can win the 1a title and I'm not even sure they can beat Somerset, but I don't see anyone just running away from them. Williamsburg offense is also good enough to move the ball and eat time which I suspect will be their strategy this week, I don't see Williamsburg hurrying on offense and I do believe they will get a couple of first downs on most of their drives, they probably won't finish in the end zone but they will move the ball and be able to east some clock every time they touch the ball keeping the score lower.
  5. This isn't surprising I counted after I heard they left Jackson County at halftime last Friday and on KHSAA roster either half or a littler over half were seniors, this was inevitable I'm afraid.
  6. Somerset is better, but it's foolish to think Williamsburg can't compete. I suspect this will be something like a 28-14 with a 14-7 score going in to the fourth. Going to be a lot of good defense in this one.
  7. Way too early to know. Campbellsville, Williamsburg, Hazard, and Raceland are still in it for now. I suspect the list will barrow but I personally think 4 or 5 teams could win class A this year.
  8. You clearly don’t know how these things work at all. The schools through their policy board pick the assignees, the officials association is only small dues paid by the officials themselves. How on earth are they to blame if the assigner didn’t schedule anyone?
  9. They brought most everyone back and have over 50 on the roster this year, I would imagine their defense will be better this year. That said 2-6 in these rankings could all shake out any way on a given night. It’s foolish to think there is much separation between any of them.
  10. I’ve got a rivalry game on Friday night and an NCAA D2 scrimmage Saturday, so should be a fun week 0 for me.
  11. For number 1 I’m going to go a different direction and say Wolfe county. It’s year 1 and something about seeing the beginning is different enough to attract me. 2. Highlands 3. Bowling Green 4. Danville 5. Mayfield
  12. Leslie County could surprise some people and they definitely have a shot to make it to round 3.
  13. Pineville picked up Bell’s leading rusher from last year and a few other Bell county backups that all just got eligible. Lynn Camp also is coming off their best year in over a decade, they lost a lot so it’ll be interesting to see if they can prevent complete reversal.
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