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  1. With Colin porter eligible this year as well I look for the Lions to be very hard to beat
  2. Tough loss for the Lions of Elliott. Good win for the Lions of Boyd County and happy to see them advance. Elliott had their chances to win but Boyd made the plays down the stretch. Good luck the rest of the way. Elliott will be loaded next year with hardly any losses and addition of one of the top 8th grade point guards in the country in Colin Porter. Look for the Lions to get back to the top and reign the mountain once again! Go Elliott
  3. I believe Spencer had 40+ Points in this one. West is playing good ball right now. Good luck to the Lions! Get back on track
  4. In regards to Timmy Daulton as a individual player stacking up against the all mighty Lexington, Louisville, Northern Region he would be just fine. That's all I am saying, don't cut players or teams short of talent just because of where they are from. Elliott alone made a state title run in the last decade and one call away from moving on to the finals. I agree on a year to year basis that bigger enrollments have better chances but it's always nice when they get humbled by a smaller school that can compete on their level. What makes our current system great!
  5. I don't want to get wrapped up in excuses and who is the better teams, region, etc. I have watched this team play many games over the course of the year. They didn't do what they can do, one of their top players averaging around 20 points a game had 2 points, horrible free throw shooting, with many mistakes as a team. They will be just fine and for some of these kids it was the first time in that environment. It showed last night the only 2 that have big game experience. Say what you want but Elliott will be right there come tournament time and who knows what they can do. Give credit to a good Paris team! They are a better ball club than some think. Good luck to the grey hounds the rest of the way!
  6. Then I guess we're both spring chickens because I didn't think Elliott was either.
  7. They have always said that about all mountain sports. Football hasn't done too bad recently. I agree to a sense but mountain sports aren't lacking in any sport IMO. Greenup just played for the baseball state championship and Shelby valley won a state basketball championship pretty recently. Sorry, I get tired of that mentality. Most of your statistical state leaders in basketball are from the 15-16th region. Timmy Daulton of Lawrence County is one of the top scorers in the country. Just saying
  8. Some bright points but definitely not Elliott's best game. By far worst I have seen this season! Hats off to Paris because they are a very good basketball team. I wish them nothing but the best and will make a post season run for sure. Go Lions!!!
  9. They will play some talent next week. Hopefully they can prove some wrong along the way. That first game will be a dandy
  10. Elliott put the foot on the throttle and in cruise control the rest of the way. Good win for the Lions!!
  11. All I'm talking about is in regards to grabbing that 20th spot. Not trying to say anymore than that, but many walked away last year with at least a little more respect at Rupp. Hard to open up with a bowling green team and a heck of a lot better than 40+ beat down the year before. They have guards that I would put up against with anybody in the state combined with defense they are really good IMO. They contained a 6'9" monster in Ben Jordan last night and beat a good west carter team. They can beat you in a lot of ways and matchup with about anybody.
  12. The top 5 are pretty good ball clubs. Within the last decade their has been maybe 2-3 decent teams but I think this year is the most competitive year I've seen in the 16th in a while. Defiantly will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Look forward to these rankings every week!
  13. If you haven't watched Elliott County play then your the one missing out. These kids are on another level and their schedule is what they gotta deal with; they are suppose to be doing what they are doing. Don't get me wrong, they aren't quite tested in a state level but we'll find out next week. These kids don't get the respect they deserve and will need to have their best for a chance to win it at the all A. It's an exciting time in sandy hook because these kids play with freak athleticism, defense, shooting, rebounding, poise, etc. No matter what happens they are giving a town something to cheer about and making it enjoyable for those who appreciate Kentucky high school basketball.
  14. Been a rough draw last couple years for Elliott. I believe JC won 1 recently with last 3 seasons
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