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  1. NCC had a couple of injuries to key people. Any word on their status?
  2. They are not scheduled to play each other next season.
  3. Congrats to Scott for winning the very close game. Both teams very evenly matched. Either team could have been the #1-2-3 seed and both could have easily been sitting on the outside come tournament time. The district is very close from top to bottom.
  4. I think everyone is over analyzing the situation too much. Last season was very successful for Scott, but they had a large senior class that has moved on. Nobody complained about open enrollment when they went deep into the playoffs. This season started with a very young squad and the injuries have piled up early. Their top lineman was done for the season before the season started. Their quarterback and most talented player is on the shelf indefinitely. They are taking their lumps right now with a tough stretch of games, but the good news is the district is not very good. The district that they will see in the playoffs has one really good team and the rest aren't very good either.
  5. Scott led the entire game up until the final play.
  6. I don't have my history sheet with me, but Scott has beaten Dixie once. I believe it was in the mid to late 80's.
  7. Scott High School Football Youth Football Camp 2015 Dates: June 22 to 24, 2015 Times: 6 PM - 8:30 PM Location: Scott High School football stadium Cost: $35 (includes t-shirt) Open to grades: 3 to 7 from any school Pre-registrations will be accepted at Gear Up (3706 Decoursey Ave. Latonia, KY 41015) or on the first day of camp. For questions, please contact Tom Grindstaff at 859-907-2665 or contact Gear Up at 859-638-3250.
  8. Athletic Director Ken Mueller is retiring this year after a very long career at Scott. It is nice that all the sports teams are doing well for his final year.
  9. Coach Ford would make an excellent varsity head coach.
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