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  1. I think I was guessed above and that was wrong... Randy Borchers by the way.
  2. Heard a rumor that the Newport/Ludlow scrimmage for tonight (Friday) was postponed because of the heat. Anyone know if that is true?
  3. Let me in on it..... someone PM me... Thanks... 48
  4. Explain please... necessary to keep things on the up and up in regard to spending, budget, etc. (I agree) or necessary that we publish list of applicants for jobs (I disagree). I have never seen a list of applicants yet for a 9th grade social studies job. I am sure with the overwhelming amount of history/social studies teachers, each of those jobs get a lot of applicants as well.
  5. It is a shame this list is printed by the newspaper. These guys are trying to get a different job for what ever reasons. Many time it might be more money, or they are just not happy, or it might be a bigger school, or a school they think they can win more, or maybe they just like change and need a change. This is not major college or the NFL. These guys are just looking at a new job. How many people everyday apply for new jobs in the business world. It is not listed in the paper. Sure, I agree, some of this come with the job. But that does not make it right. Fifty three or so of those guys will not get the job and might continue coaching were they are and it will be hard on some of them. I love fans who criticize their coach and the minute he applies for another job want to talk about loyalty!
  6. Even if they were there, they would only get two at the most. Look... like stated above, this is how it works. There are 18 schools in NKY that play football. Each school gets one spot in the TOP 24. It is up to the coach who he puts in that spot. That leaves 6 more spots, each coach can then nominate one more player, of those players nominated for the last 6 spots, the coaches vote and the top 6 are added to the team. Thus making the TOP 24. Since each school get one spot, I would think the spot for the team that was not there was left vacant. The coach was notified he had one spot and placed his player on the list before it was released to the media. The players of the year are nominated by the coaches for each level (I, II, III). Then the coaches, and only the coaches in that level, vote or come to a decision. If a team is not represented, then they cannot nominate anyone for that award. Before you guys go flying off the handle about how the coaches do not know what they are doing, how about asking how the team is selected. It does not matter if a team goes 15-0, or beats every team in NKY, or wins the mythical National Championship, they are at best going to get 2 players on the TOP 24 and EVERYONE is going to get one!! :irked: The All-State is selected by the coaches in this manner. Everyone can nominate a player or players for consideration. Thus if a coach is not there to nominate, his player(s) won't be on the list produced by the coaches association. The coaches vote and the top ten names are sent to voting members for consideration. It does not mean a player could not still be on the All-State team if his personal coach sends out information to the voters that would help his chances.
  7. Pendleton finishes the season with a loss in Ohio to Taylor. Not a bad season for the Wildcats with a new head coach. Taylor get its first win tonight for a former Kentucky coach. The Wildcats had a pretty good year and the future looks bright.
  8. That is great... it was tough to watch a game from a lawn chair on the thirty!!
  9. Maybe he can be the spark that Bracken needs. New coach, new year. Good luck Polar Bears.
  10. What did he do last year? What year is he? I am always interested in learning about up and coming players, but I do not recall the name from last year.
  11. I root for all NKY and Louisville teams since I am living right now about half way between. I like to follow the underdogs though.
  12. I think York led NKY last year or at least was near the top. I understand he is a good baseball player as well. How have the Panthers looked at the passing stuff this summer? What kind of season do the fans look for?
  13. Pendleton County is looking for a head coach. What is the story? Anyone?
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