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  1. On any given day anyone can win. That is what is great about baseball. So thats why everyone should be given the shot at an overall title.
  2. Why should there be classing in baseball? Not one class dominates. Besides the past two years a 1a school has been to the championship. All classing does is make 2 state champs.....why wouldn't you want to know and be the best team in KY?
  3. I was wondering for those of you who saw the covcath 7-7 and the highlands 7-7 what some of your comparisons are of the 2 teams and who you think played with trinity better. I know this has nothing at all to do with who will win in the season between covcath and highlands i was just wondering.
  4. From NKY is Chris Curley and Andrew Blazejewske
  5. What players are ont he NKY Warriors?
  6. Campell County - Travis Hurd and Luke Bray are two great pitchers.
  7. I really dont think that many HS even use much of a reliever. Even if someone came into relieve an important game i would bet that it would be another starting Pitcher.
  8. Andrew Blazejewski (Cov Cath)- RF batted .474 13 2Bs 35 runs 42 RBI's 4 3B and 3 HR's Just to add Andrew now holds the career batting average title at Cov Cath by 10 points. Also is prolly the best player in the state not playing college ball.
  9. Diamond, Sukow also graduated this year he won't be coming back.
  10. The Colonels and the Royals play tonight at Lincoln Lee for a tournament. Predictions?
  11. Yes i know it is your opinion but the Colonels should get a healthy Isler back to the pitching rotation also Houlehan who had a 6-0 record. Plus a stacked JV team who went 21-2
  12. How do you have CCH not at 2. They return Bleser, Popham, Larkin, Stein, Reis, Maile, and Isler. And with Bleser not pitching this year and them doing as well as they did i believe is a miracle.
  13. The Ky Royals had a double header in Ohio and travel to Indy tomorrow.
  14. I really think that the winner of the Harrison vs. Beechwood series will make a very strong run at state. Beechwood the winner already of the All-A. Harrison with just there past and great coaching.
  15. I talked to Tony after the All-Star practice yesterday about walking on. He said that he felt great at practice kicking (he was averaging about 70 yards on his kickoffs,... i didnt even see that during the season). He told me that he felt he would regret it if he did not at least try to walk on at UK so he said he is planning on walking on. Great kid with a good leg,... good luck Tony
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